December 28, 2012

January Wish List

I love shorts; I always have for as long as I can remember.  I am that weirdo person who will wear shorts year-round, and no I do not live in Florida.  I’ve really been wanting a faux leather pair, and I love the ones below with the elastic waistband.  I think they could easily be worn casually or even dressed up.  My favorite clothing colors right now are white, ivory and burgundy.  I love these colors in winter time.  Snowbunny anyone?  Plus the cut of the pants is dressy but still tomboyish.  The style of this skater skirt is so flattering, and the deep rich color is just perfect.  My other obsession is capes or ponchos.  I remembered wearing a poncho about 10 years ago.  Thank goodness they came back in style and are much cuter than they used to be!  I think I looked like I was wearing my mom’s throw blanket off the back of the couch.  Oh well, I’ve definitely worn worse.  I also added a picture of my outfit today below.  The Ann Taylor gator was last seen here.  This is the silk camp shirt off my December Wish List.  I ended up getting the top and pants off that wish list, and found an almost identical pair of Banana Republic wedge boots for about 1/5 the price on eBay.  Can you tell I love this plum or burgundy color?  And am I the only one who can’t help smile when I say burgundy because I think of Ron Burgundy from Anchorman?  Oh well.  Happy Friday, and don’t forget about the giveaway!  It ends on New Year’s Eve at 11:59pm.  Also, my SIL is doing a giveaway here

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Stylestalker Faux Leather Shorts $89.25 with code NOWWASTED.
Costa Blanca Ivory Cropped Pants $66. Similar style in other colors here at Forever 21 for $14.50. 
Burgundy Skater Skirt $54.  Similar style in orange here at Charlotte Russe for $15.
Granna Cabled Poncho $83.96 at Anthropologie with code WOW30.

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