December 21, 2012

Memphis Running Club

For those of you who many not know me very well, I absolutely love to run gauge my eyeballs out.  Yes, I do realize that was a bit dramatic.  I even bought this Nike shirt for both me and my husband last year.  Truth. 

Seriously though, it really isn’t that bad once you get used to it.  I actually really enjoy the calm peaceful feeling of running in the great outdoors, just don’t make me run on a treadmill!  I also love the way I feel afterwards knowing that I did something good for my body, but ask me if I love running around mile 2 or 3 of a race in the middle of the summer, and my answer may be different.  Did I mention we have some serious humidity here in Memphis?  This week, my friend Lora and Janessa decided to start a running group, and I am so excited.  I have been running 12-15 5 or 10K’s each year for the last few years, but could definitely use more consistent running in between each month to work on my pace.  I’m definitely not a fast runner, and I still have a long ways to go.  I run at least a few times each week, but usually by myself, so it will be great to have a group of girls to run with who will keep me motivated.  We are going to start this Saturday, so if anyone is interested in joining us, just let me know and I’ll give you the details.  I recently moved downtown about 4 months ago, so I’ve included some of my favorite pictures I took in the area while working out!  Happy Friday!! 

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