December 23, 2012

Not So Lazy Saturday

Lora, Natalie and I met up this morning at 9:00am to run at a park in Millington. We did a little running, a little walking and a little talking, but we did 5 miles total! It’s amazing how quickly the time flies when your working out with friends.

I usually don’t eat before I workout, especially if I workout early in the morning. For some reason it always makes me feel sick, so I was famished when I got back home from running. I know I just ate there last night, but I went to Tugs again. I had some eggs and bacon, and they have the best bacon. You know how some people judge a restaurant on their steak? Well I judge restaurants on their bacon. For my birthday this year, one person actually gave me a ziploc bag of bacon. Yes, these are the things that dreams are made of.

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After my bacon coma I decided to go get a pedicure at Nail Bar. I usually get neutral colors and even debated on getting red this time. I got red at Thanksgiving though, so I wanted to do something different. I settled on something sparkly since it’s Sparkle and Sequin Season. The color is called Her Majesty’s Secret Service by OPI. It is a nice bluish gray sparkly color, and is even prettier in person. I like it so much I wanted to get a manicure too, but they were already booked up for the afternoon. Maybe Monday I’ll try to squeeze it in. If you live in Memphis, you should definitely check out the Nail Bar on the island. Make sure you make an appointment though because they fill up quickly. You can sip your choice of wine or a mimosa while enjoying a nice pedicure or manicure. They always do a great job and are so nice there.

Well, I’m off to celebrate my little sister’s 25th birthday!
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