March 14, 2013

Taking Family Photos – Mommy on a Mission

1 day closer to the weekend (insert happy dance!)  One of my friends (and distant cousins) from middle school whom I reconnected with recently through blogging is doing a guest post for me today while I’m working on a school project.  Jaime is so sweet and funny and has the cutest family that I love to read about!  Plus she is the one who shared this recipe and got me hooked!  You can stop by and say hi to her hereDon’t forget to enter the giveaway for the $25 Visa Gift Card here and the Silver LOVE bracelet here!

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Hey everybody!   My name is Jaime and I blog over at Mommy On a Mission.   I was so excited when Laura asked me to do a guest post for her.   Laura is a friend from way back when that I have recently gotten back in touch with.   Just one of the many reasons I love the blogosphere so much.

I started my blog as a way to keep myself accountable and on track for trying to accomplish the goals that I set for myself in my first blog post.   I thought that I should try to tie in the themes of Laura’s blog and mine, and since one of my goals was to take more pictures and document life more, I figured I could show you some cools spots around Memphis to take some family pics.
First I’ll show you some spots that I thought could be the setting for a lot of sweet, serious pictures.


Memorial park grotto


Memorial Park is a cemetary that features a beautiful grotto among other gorgeous scenery.   I’ve seen many bridal photos done there and my mom took some sweet newborn shots when my son was born.


Red Bridge


I also love the Memphis Botanic Garden.   There are so many beautiful gardens with a variety of flowers that would fit with any color scheme.   I also love the red bridge in the Japanese garden and take a picture with all my students anytime we take a field trip there.


Main Street Trolley


You could also do some really pretty shots on Main Street on a trolley or even at the trolley stop.
I love a good fun family picture. So, I have a few places where you can take some cute posed or candid pictures.


Forum pic

The FedEx Forum has these huge ball sculptures out front.   I always think they are the cutest things. When I look at them, I imagine a kid pretending to pick up the huge ball or the way you could use perspective (and photoshop) to make it look like someone just hit the ball towards the photographer.

Metal Sculptures Memphis


There are tons of cool sculptures downtown. I think it would be fun to just walk around and hit them all up. This is one of my favorites.


Beale pic


You can’t think of fun in Memphis without Beale Street coming to mind.   There are tons of great places for photos during the day and at night on this strip of history.
Finally, I just couldn’t do a guest post for Laura without throwing in a little fashion, so I decided to coordinate some outfits for my family’s next photo session (which will take place after I reach some of my weight loss goals.)
For me:


Lime Gap Dress


Lime Shoes


Lime Monogram Bracelet


LIme Pattern Bracelet


For the hubby:


lime Polo


Lime Alt Chris Shirt


For my little boy:


Lime Bennett


I hope you enjoyed my post and found an idea or two that might wind up in your future photo album.
Thanks for reading,

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