March 5, 2013

Yorkies, Yorkies, Yorkies

When I found out there was a “Dogs Are Babies Too Linkup” through Laura’s blog today, you better believe I wasn’t going to miss out on that!  I never posted this on my blog before, but Shane and I have been trying to have a baby for over 5 years and still no luck yet, so…our yorkies are definitely our little fur babies!  I did not like dogs my whole life.  Mainly because I was scared to death of them thanks to my brother!  He always had the meanest dogs growing up.  My sister and I used to have to feed his dog Poochie sometimes when we were little.  As soon as we’d walk out the back door with the dog food Poochie would hear us from miles away and come running, so what did we do?  We dumped the food and jumped on top of the dog house so he couldn’t get us.  We would usually sit there until Poochie would get bored and leave or until mom or dad would come out and see us and “save” us from the terrible 20lb dog.  Fast forward and now I couldn’t imagine my life without the yorks (yorkies.)  Shane is even very, very allergic to dogs (and pretty much everything else!)  But somehow once we saw those little yorkies’ faces, there was no way we could resist.  = )  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for the Modcloth Pearl Stud Earrings here!
Spike will be 7 on April 20.  He is 5lbs and was 4lbs when we got him at 4 months old.  Lola will be 6 on May 23.  She is 3lbs and weas 2lbs when we got her at 3 months old.  If you know me well, you know that Spike and Lola used to wear clothes, but we quit dressing them up about 5 years ago (once we thought there might be some babies coming soon.)  The first few pictures are of Spike, and then the last ones are of Lola.  I hope yall like dogs!  = )
Road trip!
Giving us those puppy eyes hoping we would skip school that day.
Spike after he had to have emergency surgery.  He ate a hairball and it was causing a blockage after we had him for a week?!




 Sailors for Halloween!
 A couple weeks after we got Lola.
 Dressed as a princess for Halloween.  You know how some people celebrate their birthdays for a week, well Spike and Lola celebrate Halloween for a week.  = )



 Minnie Mouse for Halloween.  She did not like the mouse ears.






Might have to frame this one and put over the fireplace.  Just kidding…sort of.  = )

40 thoughts on “Yorkies, Yorkies, Yorkies”

  1. Did yall get Spike and Lola from the same breeder? B has been wanting a dog forever and now that we have a house she wants one even more. I am ok with getting a small dog because our backyard isn't huge but Jeremy wants a big dog, lol.

  2. Oh my goodness! My favorite is the one of them both sitting on the wooden bench in front of the house. Like they're saying, "Mama, aren't we cute!?" Hahaha. I'm keeping you and a future baby in prayers, I know that God will find a way to bring you children!


  3. I had two yorkies when I was in highschool, that I took with me after I got out of the dorms in college. I LOVED my yorkie babies, they were my children. They were the best. Definitely had some terrible habits, but so sweet and loving. They loved eachother too and had a really close bond. Now they've both passed on and I have two chihuahua babies (5 & 6yrs old), and a granny poodle. My dogs are definitely my children, and hopefully one day they will have people brothers and sisters haha.

  4. Sweet sweet babies you have there! We have two silky terriers! They were our kids until we had Lincoln, now they are chopped liver! We still love them, they just are not most important any more! My husband and I struggled with infertility, so I will be thinking of you! It really stinks!! Those puppies are good looking!!

  5. Love your babies – they are so sweet 🙂 We are a no doggie household right now mainly because we live on the top floor of our building and we both work full time 🙁 But I cant wait to be a doggie mommy some day and as for you and Shane trying, sending happy thoughts your way today 🙂

  6. Your little guys are so cute! I LOVE all their halloween costumes! Thanks so much for linking up, I am having a blast reading about everyone's babies and of course I have dog-fever and want about 10 of each kind now! Thanks for linking up!

  7. When I saw the title of your post, I clicked right away and you just made my day with their sweet faces. They are the best breed ever, right? They are so cute and adorable. Makes me want a yorkie again too. So sorry to hear about your struggle 🙁 keeping you in my thoughts!

  8. What sweeties! My dogs are my kids too, and I don't know what I would be without them. They have taught me about unconditional love, patience, and the importance of kisses (they love to "kiss" my feet)! Dogs prepare us for the kids we will have one day. May your heart be filled with peace as you and your husband work to bring a precious child into this world. And may your dogs fill your heart with unconditional love until that day comes.

  9. For being a big dog lover (my baby is 130 pounds), they are TOO freakin cute! They are little toys! It makes me happy to hear that you are a converted dog lover. Theres nothing like coming home to the wagging tales and a big slober kiss.
    I linked up to the party so thanks for sharing it!

  10. AWW! They are too cute! I have a Pomeranian who had to have emergency surgery for a blockage and I was on vacation at the time. I am pretty sure I sat in our hotel room for a whole day waiting for my mom (who was babysitting her while we were away) to update me that she was okay! Seriously NERVE WRECKING! Its funny how they become like your kids, I wouldn't trade my pom for anything! 🙂

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