August 23, 2013

J.Crew Style Sessions – Fall Favorites

J.Crew Fall Picks

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Last night J.Crew hosted their company wide Style Sessions event.  I have been sick all week, but you better believe that nothing was going to stop me from shopping last night.  I could tell I wasn’t feeling well though since I only left with this one silk blouse for myself (I got Shane something too!), but I fully intend to make up for that within the next week when I’m feeling better.
 Trying on one of my favorites, the tweed front black sweater.



My friend Kathleen and I attended the event at the Germantown, TN J.Crew.  I have been there much too often over the years (is that even such a thing?!), but it was so great finally getting to really know all of the employees.  Every single one of them was so sweet and helpful!  When I got there, they even had a clothing rack ready for me to pick out some of my favorite fall items!  I have included most of my favorite items in the collage above.  There was a couple of the items (number 1 and 2) I couldn’t find in the store last night, but I blame that on the Benadryl. ; )  I will be going back next week to look for them though.  The first top in my collage and that easy, breezy striped sweater are calling my name!  I loved all the stripes, jeweled necklines, vests and beautiful, rich fabrics like silk, tweed and leather.  Did you make it out to the Style Sessions event last night?  Which are your favorite J.Crew fall picks?

15 thoughts on “J.Crew Style Sessions – Fall Favorites”

  1. In love with that skirt and that dress! Also, I really like the navy and red top. Is that a sweater? Super cute and "school" colors, lol. I think everything red I have also has navy with it somehow, lol

  2. How fun! I love J. Crew. I miss the Memphis one… it is much better than the one in Jackson. I seriously love like everything in the fall collection. They never cease to amaze me!


  3. I love J Crew. They have some amazing things for Fall. I bought their boyfriend sweater with leather pockets in black and I love it. I'm so excited for it to arrive. Sorry you weren't feeling good, you can't tell though. Love the sweater you're wearing. HOpe you feel better soon.


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