December 13, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide
It’s beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas!  Yes, I just broke out in song.  It is less than 2 weeks away.  I did most of my shopping back in October, but I still have a few gifts to get for Shane and my nephews.  They’re the easiest to buy for, but they take the longest because I end up spoiling Shane will gifts almost everyday in December, and then I go overboard on toys for the nephews.  = )  Today I thought I would do something different than my normal blog post by creating a gift guide.  Because we have to buy gifts for lots of different people, and sometimes we don’t all fit into just one category, I’ve made a gift guide to show you some of my favorite gifts for all different personalities.  Each of these gifts I would absolutely love to get to satisfy my sporty side, my girly side, my techy side and my entertaining side!  Most of these would be great stocking stuffers, but there are a few larger items (in size and $$) that would be nice as a splurge too (like those beautiful Ted Baker gloves and the Keurig.)  Have you finished all of your Christmas shopping?  What items are on your wish list?
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  1. Dang, you covered all of the bases! I have Kate Spade bow earrings and a makeup bag and I love them both! And as someone hosting a party next weekend, I would be super flattered if I received any of those items as a hostest gift!


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