January 26, 2014

Special Event Beauty Regimen

It’s Grammy night!  I don’t know about you, but I am excited, and I already have my DVR set to go at 7:00pm tonight.  Even though my invitation got lost in the mail somehow, I still have a beauty regimen that I follow, and it would be great for any other type of formal or special events.  I volunteer for a lot of organizations in Memphis, so I usually have at least 2 or 3 galas to go to each year.  After the toughest choice (what to wear!), the other decision are a little bit easier.  I have a list of tried and true beauty products that I always use for a big event, and most of them I even use on a daily basis.  Most all of these products I have been using for years.  I believe in them, and first and foremost they WORK.  Even though I was selected by P&G Beauty to talk to you about some of my favorite beauty products, I personally have been using these 4 products myself (some for decades) and have always recommended them to others.
I have been using Crest Whitestrips about once a year since…well, it seems like forever.  I started using these back in 2000 when they first came out.  My teeth have always been very important to me, and even though I stopped drinking any dark colored drinks about 16 years ago, your teeth still discolor a little over time.  My sister and I both wanted to whiten our teeth, but the dentist said they were already too white for it to be worth it to get them professionally whitened.  When my dad heard about Crest Whitestrips, he brought us some home that weekend to try.  I have been a big fan ever since.  Since then, they have improved them quite a bit.  These have the advanced seal which helps to keep them on your teeth much better.  You can talk and go about your dad as you normally would, and most people wouldn’t even be able to notice you are wearing them.  Also, they come with 20 strips – 10 for top teeth and 10 for bottom.  That means you will have a noticeably whiter smile in 10 days tops, so just make sure that you start using these in enough time to see a difference before your big event.
Another one of my absolute favorites!  The Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant is a little bit pricier, but I promise you it is worth the price!  P&G has coupons all the time on their website or in the newspaper, so check there first.  I have been using this deodorant for about 5 years now, and the funny thing is that I don’t even sweat much.  When I workout or when I run, I’m just not much of a sweater.  But, it doesn’t take a lot of sweat to feel uncomfortable when you’re going back to work after working out on your lunch break.  I want to feel confident no matter how much I did or didn’t sweat, especially when I am going back to work and have meetings all afternoon.  Plus, the scent of the deodorant was enough to hook me.  It has such a fresh, clean smell.  Trust me, this stuff is definitely worth it.  You can just put it on once, and you know you’re good for the rest of the day.
The Gillette Venus Razor is another one of those items that I have been using since high school (about 17 years ago.)  It is the only razor I have used since then also. Over the years, they have improved it, and eventually I started using the one with Olay in it like you see pictured above.  The razor is refillable, and it gives you one of the closest and smoothest shaves without cutting you.  What I love most about it is the Olay bars that have skin conditioners in them to help keep your skin soft and smooth.  I highly recommend trying this razor if you are looking for a new one!
I have only recently starting using the Pantene Damage Detox Weekly Rehab Creme.  I have professed my love for Pantene before, and have been using their products for well over 20 years.  Every time a new Pantene product comes out, I love to try it.  This product surprisingly impressed me more than I thought it would.  I had never heard of a detox hair creme before, so this was new to me.  Though my hair isn’t as long as it was, it is still a little long, so I try to use something to reduce damage and keep it healthy and shiny.  This product did the trick.  It made it feel so soft and shiny after I rinsed off the creme treatment.  You only use it once a week, so I usually save it for Sunday night so my hair looks its best for the following week.
Have you tried any of these products before?  If so, what do you think?  What beauty products do you use to get ready for a special event?
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. You and Carrie both have beautiful white teeth! They really do work, I just forget to use them. Putting them on my shopping list. I use the Venus Embrace. It gives me a close shave and helps prevent nicks and cuts. I love it. Definitely recommend it if you're bad about cutting yourself like me.

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