February 6, 2014

9 to 5


 Banana Republic Wool Skirt // Banana Republic Blouse (splurge) // Charles David Pumps via Marshalls c/o // Zara clutch (save, save) // Nine West Sunglasses via Marshalls c/o (save, splurge) // Citizen Watch c/o // Sosie Cuff c/o (save, splurge) // Purple Peridot Cuff c/o
This is a brand new outfit that I just got this past week from Banana Republic.  Funny story, I don’t know about you, but I don’t normally pick out pieces to style together as a complete outfit at a store.  I just grab every piece I like to try on, and because it would take twice as long to try on everytihng, I always try on some of the bottoms I grab with the tops I grab.  They don’t necesarily go together, but I don’t need them to go together to know that I like the separate pieces.  I don’t normally like to come out and show off like outfits to the sales associates just because I am usually on a mission.  I even have down the 90mph mall walk.  But, the sales associate asked what I had on, so I came out in the top you see above with this new skirt I was trying on.  You should have seend the expression on her face.  I think she was confused and scard at the same time.  She said “oh, where are you going to where that to?”  I said “well, I could wear the top to work, church or even casually, and the skirt could be worn most everywhere too.  I woldn’t wear them together obviously.”  You should have seen the look of relief on her face!  It was hilarious.  She said thank goodness, she was really getting worried.  Apparently I am the only one who just tries on lots of different pieces at the same time.  Does anyone else do multi-tasking trying on?This is definitely an outfit I will be wearing to work pronto after I get the skirt taken in a little.  It was a size too big, but at $20, it was worth it.  I think it is the perfect work outfit to let your personality shine through.  Even with a crazy work and school schedule, there is usually enough time to dress your best – especially for work.  I believe your clothes say a lot about a person, and I hope mine say that I bright, bubbly, fun but yet still professional.  Once again, I couldn’t resist channeling spring and summer in a little neon so I paired my new Banana Republic skirt with my neon clutch and my Banana Republic blouse.  I couldn’t find the exact blouse online, but it is new in stores, and it will be 40% off on Wednesdays (for one item!)  The skirt was on clearance, so I got it for $20, score!   What does your wardrobe say about you?  What do you wear from 9 to 5? (or 7:30 to 5:00 in my case lol!)

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39 thoughts on “9 to 5”

  1. You are not alone! Lol. We could totally shop together. Last time I seriously grabbed 30-something items at J.Crew and took them all to try. Usually I start with the type of item I have the most of, like tops or bottoms and then the last top I leave on and then start bottoms. Occasionally I'll change back into a different top or different bottoms if the shapes I have don't work together, but usually it's a race to get outta those hot, tiny dressing rooms. Ick. And the floors in dressing rooms freak me out.

  2. That is too funny. Normally I don't try on outfits together either. I just grab what I like and try on as I go. Lately if I've been looking for a specific look, I will put together an outfit and try it all on together. That's rare though.

  3. Awesome story! Would have loved to see her face! I totally relate to multi-tasking when trying stuff on! I also always stand on my tip toes as it feel like you hold yourself different/better in heels! The husband side-eyes me for this!
    Great outfit – loving the brights!

  4. Your clothes totally say that you're bubbly but professional! Thats what I love about your work looks. And the zipper and slit in the back is so sassy!

    Since you mentioned the 90mph mall walk (which is awesome!) I have a story that I've been looking to share with someone that can relate. You know those people in the middle of the mall selling lotion or hair straighteners? Well, I stopped at the mall at lunch, was walking 90mph to JCrew and this guy had the nerve to not only try to give me a sample, but when I politely said no thank you, he continued to say "miss, may i ask you a question?" DUDE – NO! I'm in a HURRY!

    LOL – ok, random. Sorry!


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