April 22, 2014

Work It Girl

Work It Girl

With spring comes running and bright colors, so I thought I would combine my love of both.  Though I won’t be doing any 10Ks or marathons this year, I still plan to run (or walk) as long as I can.  I have sworn by Victoria’s Secret VSX sports bras for years, and when I saw this floral one, I fell in love again.  I am (or was before I was pregnant) a D, so I usually have to get larger sports bras that have plenty of support while running.  I usually get them in a size medium, and they have always worked great for me.  I converted to Brooks running shoes last year, and I think it’s time I get my second pair.  The new Pureflow 3 shoe looks so lightweight and comfortable, and I love the blue!  I doubt anyone wants to see me in these, but they sure are cute.  I can dream, right?!  I recently got these Trina Turk leggings from yogaoutlet.com, and now I’m thinking I need these colorful ones too.  I had been toting an old faded Victoria’s Secret bag around as my gym bag for years, so I recently upgraded to this one, and I love how much room there is inside.  I’m also dying for this adorable pastel blue Nike hat.  It has to be the perfect running cap.  And last but not least, I have been hearing great things about the Nike Fitbit and would love one (hint, hint – maybe a graduation gift mom??)  It measures your calories burned for the day, the miles you complete each day, and it even tells you how much you actually slept each night.  I think it would be perfect, especially since I have not been sleeping well lately.  I hear it only gets worse though, so I better savor what little bit of sleep I can get now!  What’s on your running list?


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  1. I have been looking for a good sports bra so I think I might try the VSX one. I need new gym bag as I still use my L.L. Bean backpack from high school. It's just not big enough anymore. Though really convenient to use when toting a diaper bag and kids to the gym versus and over the shoulder gym bag.
    All those hormones keeping you up, that's what happened to me. It will settle down for a bit until the very end.


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