May 29, 2014


I am not normally a big chevron fan, but when I laid eyes on this dress from Jane, I immediately fell in love with it.  I think it is the gorgeous red color that attracted me to it.  I’ve been trying to add more red to my closet, and it is quickly becoming a favorite.  The dress is a faux wrap dress which I love.  The only downside is that the chest coverage is a little lacking…at least for me, but it is still gorgeous.  I paired the denim jacket with it to try to disguise all that was going on up there.  = )  Hopefully the gorgeous monogram necklace from Armcandy Fashion or the sandals will catch your attention instead.  = )  What do you think of this daring (for me!) look?

37 thoughts on “Chevron”

  1. The dress is gorgeous on you, the colour and pattern both. Liking it with the denim. Sometimes I think those of us with big girls ( recently acquired big girls) are more self conscious, I find a little cami underneath always makes me more comfortable, but in saying that do not feel to out there, you look great.

  2. I love this dress!! I really like how it looks chevronish without being totally chevron. I have a few dresses that are cut like this and I just throw a cami on for work. No cami for date night, haha!

  3. Gorgeous look! The bold red and black just make this dress (and you!) such a knock out. I'm with you about the cleavage thing, so I have a lot of colored camis to cover up and a nude one that works perfectly without sticking out. You rdenim jacket looks terrific layered over this maxi and I am in love with your shoes!


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