May 19, 2014



 L Mae Dress c/o // Zara Clutch (splurge) // C. Wonder Pumps c/o // Citizen Watch c/o // Aeropostale Aviators c/o // Reece & Blaire Bracelet c/o

Time is flying by ladies; I’m 17 weeks today, and I have another ultrasound appointment on Wednesday.  Up until 10 weeks, I had one every week, and afterwards I have had one about every 4 weeks, so Shane and I really, really look forward to the weeks we get to have one.  It’s crazy thinking most people would just now be finding out the gender.  I think we might just be a little too excited and impatient for that, so I’m glad everything worked out like it did.  We haven’t felt her kick yet, but hopefully we will soon!  We registered for a few things online a couple months ago, but we haven’t actually been into the stores to full-on register.  When do people normally do that – maybe around 5 or 6 months??  There are so many things that we constantly keep forgetting we even need.  Yesterday, it popped into my head that we need to register for a highchair.  It is crazy how many things we need – so many that we keep forgetting some of the basic things lol!  I’m sure we will figure it out, but right now I guess it has been so exciting that we are still stuck on buying the really fun stuff instead of more practical stuff that we need, you know?  Does anyone have any good recommendations on car seats, highchairs, strollers and trailers to pull behind our bicycles?  I can tell you that we love modern designs and noticed a few pretty cool modern items at Babys R Us a few months ago, but I would love to hear from some people who have tried some stuff firsthand.  = )  This is the stroller we registered for and the matching carseat.  What do you think??  Newbie here.

I have been wearing this dress from L Mae pretty nonstop for the last few weeks.  I wore it here and here for a day date with Shane and then to work last week.  I love the bright colors and patterns and that it has a longer shirttail hem in the back.  It works great with sandals, wedges or heels, and I think it would even look adorable with booties in the spring when it was a little cooler.  Now let’s just hope it will still fit me in the chest for just a few more weeks so I can get even more use out of it.  I’ve been searching for more shirtdress styles like this with a tie waist, and I have my sights set on this chambray one and this ikat print one.  I’m also curious to hear if anyone has tried the H&M maternity line.  I would have to order online and worry about sizing.  Now that I’ve talked your ears off today, hope you have a great Monday!!


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  1. You have plenty of time to get a high chair! Ella didn't need hers until closer to 6 months. Until then, it just took up a lot of space at our rental. As far as the stroller goes, it looks pretty similar to ours. We have the City Elite stroller & I adore it. Ella had the polka dot Peg Perrego car seat that I loved too. I did wear some H&M maternity stuff. My favorite jeans & shorts were from there. It's far more affordable than most places & the quality was the same. I'd definitely check it out!

  2. We used a Baby Trend infant seat with a sort of triangular grip in the centre of the handle, and it is AMAZING – makes it so much easier to carry than the straight bar handle. Also, the weight of the seat itself can become an issue when baby starts putting on ze pounds! lol. The Baby Trend one is nice and lightweight.

    Ps. you look BEAUTIFUL!

  3. You look gorgeous! Getting everything ready for baby is SO much fun! My best friend's baby shower was yesterday (she is also having a girl) and we were saying we can't believe people want to wait until the birth to find out the gender! I found it more fun knowing I was having a girl to get the nursery and things ready. We went gender neutral on our carseats, strollers etc. in case we have a boy one day (when we decide to try for another one in the future!)

    The carseat you chose with the base makes it SO convenient to pop in and out of the car. I had a regular and jogging stroller and found the jogging stroller was easier to steer and more lightweight – so great choice on the stroller too IMHO! We recently purchased an umbrella stroller since she's a toddler now and it's nice (but I miss the basket underneath lol!)

  4. Such fun colors in your dress!
    I just ordered some maternity shorts from H&M but need to exchange them for a bigger size (two sizes bigger than some other brands). I would suggest sizing up for bottoms, though I've always had trouble w/ their sizing so maybe it's just me. 🙂

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