June 5, 2014

PBdorm (or House!) Do-over

PBdorm Do-over

I am so excited to be teaming up with Pottery Barn today since most of my furniture in my house comes from there.  After posting about home decor yesterday, I thought it would be fun to do another decorating post, so bare with me as I take a couple days break from style posts this week.  #pregnantgirlproblems  PBdorm has an amazing selection of bedding, wall decor, bath and shower items, furniture and even desk accessories.
I just graduated from grad school a couple weeks ago, but I never even got to live in a dorm.  I planned to stay at home at first and then last minute decided to move out, and then came back, and so on.  I had a long college career so I lived in a variety of different places over the years.  = )  With dorm furniture this cool, it almost makes me wish I would have lived in a dorm during college!  I have put together a collage of the items I would select to style my dorm if I could have a do-over (minus all the homework of course!) And just in case you aren’t in school anymore, you have still got to check out PBdorm because I think you will be shocked at some of the amazing pieces they have.
Each of these items, I would honestly decorate in my home.  That comforter would be perfect in a guest bedroom.  The desk would be great to help keep me organized while having a nice space-saving design.  All I can say about that shower curtain is that it is absolutely perfect!  I have been searching for a new white rug for a few months now as we have gone through 3 over the last year, and I love the diamond print on this one to add some cool visual interest.  Those couches would be amazing in my living room, and I am 100% serious when I say I added that furry roller ball to my wish list to buy for Baby Boswell’s room.  I have very modern and even girly style, so PBdorm is even perfect for the grownups too, and you can find some great deals too.
What was your dorm experience like?  Could you use a PBdorm Do-over?
This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn Dorm, but all opinions and love of the products are my own.

12 thoughts on “PBdorm (or House!) Do-over”

  1. Are you using a bunch of PB Kids in the babies nursery? We were lucky that a bunch of people I work with bought us beautiful things from there to fill Ella's nursery! I just absolutely love their stuff!

  2. I love pottery barn!!! I'm so sad they closed our Memphis store. I loved going to the style classes they had. At least we still have online shopping and the outlet.

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