July 18, 2014

Dream Vanity

Dream Vanity


I had a built-in vanity growing up, and I absolutely loved it.  Then I had one at the apartment where Shane and I first lived after we got married.  Once again, it was a life safer.  But since then, I have been vanity-less.  I know it doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but it is amazing how much you miss it once you don’t have one.  We just moved a couple of weeks ago, and I feel like I still can’t get into the routine because I don’t have a dedicated place to do my hair and makeup.  I think pregnancy is really adding to this.  I try to find every excuse I can not to have to stand up for half an hour blowdrying my hair and then another half hour to flatiron and curl it.  I need a stool…and a vanity…and a mirror of course!  The mirror really is the centerpiece of your vanity.  It shows your style – vintage, modern, earthy, eclectic, etc.  Which mirror you pick really says a lot about your style and who you are.  Since I am just dying to get a vanity and mirror soon (Christmas anyone??), I thought I would show you my dream vanity and mirror today.  I found this beautiful mirror at One Kings Lane.  I love the wood detail on it.  My style is very modern meets eclectic, so I loved mixing the mirror with this gorgeous acrylic vanity.  I have a love for acrylic, and almost even bought the clear acrylic chairs for my dining room table.  I think the finished look is a chic, modern and trendy vanity.  I’ve also rounded up some of my favorite hair and beauty items that I would use at my hopefully new vanity (please Shane?!?!)  Make sure you check out One Kings Lane’s selection of vanity mirrors, and then tell me which one you’re drooling over!



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