July 9, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

As you know, Shane and I moved into a different house last week.  Most of our furniture and decor worked for our new house too, but there are some things that we have realized we now need (or want is probably more accurate.)  We have 1 less bathroom, but we have an extra bedroom.  We have less patio and deck space, but we have much more yard.  We have a separate dining room at this house, which we have never had before.  We also have a larger kitchen, living room and master bedroom.  This calls for some extra spaces to fill here and there, and just extra things that I have been swooning over.  You know how it is; your want list gets mixed in with your need list.  We just bought a new charcoal grill, a swing frame, a washer and dryer – a few of the necessities.  And now, I can’t help but dream of purchasing some of these other pieces.  It is a wish list after all.  = )  I just recently bought this diamond shag rug, and I think it’s time to brighten up my new space with some other fun pieces!  What home decor items are on your wish list?


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  1. The decorating bug has hit me lately too. It took everything in me to keep from getting a console type table, chair, mirror and side table at TJMaxx yesterday. They must have just gotten a bunch of new stuff in lol

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