January 1, 2015

Pure Barre 5 Classes Giveaway (Memphis & Germantown, Tennessee)!!

Last week my sister and I went to Pure Barre in Germantown for a much needed workout.  I had been a couple of years ago, but it was her first time, so we were really excited to go together and try it out again.  Wow, all I can say is that I am definitely out of shape!  That was one long 9 months!  Kim (one of the owners) taught my class, and she was amazing.  I love Pure Barre because it isn’t quite like any other workout.  It reminds me of a mixture of pilates, yoga and even bootcamp, but yet it is so different.  Pure Barre uses the ballet barre to perform small movements that target every muscle to help burn fat, sculpt muscles and create long, lean physiques.  Sign me up!  The very next day I could feel the soreness in my abs and legs.  My favorite part of working out is always the soreness afterwards.  If I don’t feel it, I feel like I obviously didn’t work hard enough.  I didn’t have that problem this time.

The class was an hour long, and we started by stretching, then doing some arms, and then we moved on to legs and abs.  The class is definitely tough, but the nice thing is that anyone can do it no matter what your fitness level or age is.  You can easily work at your own pace, and there is always a beginner way to do each move until you are able to do the full move.  And dance experience isn’t required; the barre is only used for balance.  If you’re looking for a great full body workout, you will definitely want to try Pure Barre.  Right now they have a new client special for $100 for the first month of classes, and they offer a variety of class packages, so there is something that works for everyone.  They’re also having a New Year, New You Open House on January 13 from 6:30 to 8:30pm.  They will have a lot of locally owned health and beauty focused businesses there to share their services, and there will be giveaways, food, drinks and fun, so it would be a great time to tour the studio and learn more about Pure Barre.  They even have some of the cutest workout gear for sale, including lululemon.  = )

To start 2015 off right, I have teamed up with Pure Barre Memphis and Pure Barre Germantown to give away a Pure Barre class to 5 different readers!  You can choose any class at the Memphis or Germantown location, so you must be local or enter.  To enter just use the rafflecopter widget below.  Have you tried Pure Barre before?  What are your fitness goals for 2015?


33 thoughts on “Pure Barre 5 Classes Giveaway (Memphis & Germantown, Tennessee)!!”

  1. Yay! So excited about this giveaway! I tried my first class last month and loved it. Do you know if the winner of your giveaway would still be able to take advantage of the new member special after using these free classes? (Wishful thinking on my part hoping I win..lol)

  2. Hopefully my comment doesn't pop up twice!!! I am a nursing mom, working two jobs and going back to school! I'm bored with my regular work out routine and would love to spice it up with something new for the new year! Trying to get my pre-baby body back!!! Fellow co-workers LOVE this!

  3. I am working with a personal trainer to make sure I'm doing things effectively and come up with alternatives for running that are easier on my spine (I have a herniated disc and some major curvature).

  4. I have never tried Pure Barre, but I have been wanting to. My fitness goals this year are to lose weight, gain muscle and lead an overall healthy lifestyle.

  5. My fitness goal for 2015 is to be less sedentary and get toned! I used to be a lot more active at my old job, so I need to start being active in my off time to make up for all the time I'm spending at a desk!

    1. Whoops, I forgot to answer the question. Ha! My fitness goals for 2015 is to get back to running, and take a master class in swimming to make my stroke more efficient and to finally learn how to do the flip turn so I don't look like a dork next to all the Navy guys doing their laps at the same time.

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