October 8, 2015

Fall Staples – Mix & Match

Fall Staples

Outfit 1:  Hat //  Jacket // Belt // Booties 
Outfit 2:  Earrings // Vest // Belt // Flats
Outfit 3:  Scarf // Dress // Belt // Booties
Outfit 4:  Necklace // Vest // Bag // Flats
Outfit 5:  Beanie // Vest // Bag // Booties
Even though I’m at the beach right now, I still have fall fashion on my mind.  I am sure it will be a rude awakening when I get back in town and have to put away my sandals for booties again, but I’ll worry about that come Sunday.  I love stretching my wardrobe and my dollar as far as I can, so today I am showing you some of my favorite fall staples.  These are some of the items I would definitely recommend you have in your closet this fall and winter.  The best thing about all of these items?  Every single one of them can be mixed and matched together.  This striped A-line dress is a classic that is great to have in your closet for fall, winter and spring, and you can mix it with any combination of these pieces to create the perfect fall look.  A-line dresses are flattering on most all body shapes too.  Look 1 is great for a casual day.  Look 2 would be perfect for the office, and you could easily throw on some pumps if you wanted to.  Look 3 and 4 are cute and comfortable for a shopping day with the girls, and the last look is perfect for a date night in my opinion.  Which outfit is your favorite?  I would definitely rock all three of them, but look 2 and 3 are probably my favorites!



4 thoughts on “Fall Staples – Mix & Match”

  1. I'm swooning over all the neutrals here – all my friends make fun of me for wearing such bland colors, but I love it. It's cool how such simple pieces can be put together to make a great outfit!

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