November 19, 2015

Thank You Nurses + $100 Gift Card & Pampers Giveaway!!

Nurses are the ones who help you get settled into your room and prepared for delivery.  They coach you through contractions.  They bring you 1,003 cups of ice and washcloth after washcloth for your forehead.  They listen to all your complaints and try to help you minimize the pain in any way they can.  They do everything.  They do all this, and then in swoops the doctor to deliver the baby, and then he’s out in about 15 minutes.  The nurses were with you for days.  My mom (that’s her in the left of the first photo) is a nurse, my sister is a nurse, and I have quite a few friends who are nurses.  My mom always like to say that the nurses are the ones who do all the work.  Mom, you’ll appreciate that comment.  = )  Honestly, I think both the doctors and nurses are amazing, but today we are going to talk about the nurses who helped you bring your little one into the world.

Right now Pampers is having a Pampers Swaddlers Thank You Nurses Campaign.  Pampers is honoring nurses across 3 different award categories:  Labor & Delivery, NICU and Postpartum.  Nurse nominations can be shared now through December 14, and Pampers will be honoring 3 finalists with short documentary videos and other awards that you can read about here.  There will also be a Pampers #ThankYouNurses twitter party hosted by iConnect tonight from 8:00-9:00pm CST.  Prizes will include American Express gift cards, diapers and wipes to 4 different winners, so make sure to be there!

I’ve talked about it before during my IVF story and Leighton’s birth story, but we had so many great experiences with nurses from going through IVF even up to delivery.  It was such a long and scary process, but it makes me appreciate every single moment with Leighton so much more.  I feel so blessed to have her in my life with me and to have had such an amazing crew of doctors and nurses throughout the in-vitro and delivery process.  To help celebrate, Pampers wants to make life #betterforbaby and is teaming up with me to give away a $100 American Express gift card and pack of Pampers Swaddlers to one lucky reader.  To enter just use the rafflecopter widget below!  P.S.  The giveaway here is open to anyone to enter, not just nurses.  = )  Which nurse would you nominate for the Pampers Swaddlers Thank You Nurses Awards?

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126 thoughts on “Thank You Nurses + $100 Gift Card & Pampers Giveaway!!”

  1. My BFF is a NICU nurse. When my water broke with my first daughter, I called her and she talked me through everything and what to expect next. My second daughter had jaundice really bad and the NICU nurses were so wonderful! I am very thankful for nurses! A wonderful nurse named Grace helped deliver my second daughter who was stuck. She knew exactly what to do and because of her, I was in a lot less pain and my daughter was delivered quickly. My daughter's middle name is Grace!

  2. Entering on behalf of my sister who just had a baby! The nurses were amazing- my sister was extremely uneasy/upset because the baby was turned and she could not deliver her little babe. The nurses were very reassuring of having to use the vacuum….and how procedures go.

  3. The nurse I had after giving birth to my first daughter made life #betterforbaby because she took a lot of time helping me and showing how to get her to properly latch on while feeding. I was so thankful!

  4. I have so many nurses to pick from! First was our IVF nurse, Joan. She was amazing and dealt with all my crazy through the IVF process. Then came Kyle. She was my LD nurse during Raegan's labor. Her shift was over before I had Raegan, but she made sure to come find us on her next shift to check on us. When Raegan was transferred to the NICU, she never left our side even though we were already in the post partum wing, she checked on us constantly! Then our NICU nurses. Oh there were many! But the one that spent the most time with Raegan was Stephanie. When we walked in one morning and she was holding Raegan and singing, I knew we had found a good one! Nurses are absolutely amazing!

  5. So far, the nurses have been so helpful and kind! They are always the ones who talk to me when I call into my doctor's office, panicked over one thing or the other because this is my first pregnancy. Although not related to pregnancy or delivery, I had a team of awesome nurses who helped me through recovery, after I had surgery for Crohn's Disease. One nurse would bring me these disposable toothbrushes that didn't need water–my mouth always felt disgusting but I wasn't allowed anything to eat or drink. She would also braid my hair for me and help me feel like I looked presentable, even though I felt so rough and still wasn't allowed to shower.

  6. My nurses were fabulous both times I was in the hospital, but the nurses in the special care nursery when I had Ella take the cake. They would take my (frequent) phone calls & answer all my questions, totally understanding all of my anxiety about leaving my precious little girl in their hands.

  7. I am currently pregnant through IVF as well and looking forward to welcoming my little one in January. While I am currently waiting to meet my awesome team of nurses, my sister is an ER nurse and has been for 7 years now. She does all these little extras for her patients and truly cares about them. I am planning on having some gifts ready for all the nurses. They deserve so much for what they do.

  8. My favorite nurse is the lady that just showed my husband and I around the Labor & Delivery unit. I’m due in a month and a half and am very nervous! The nurse was very reassuring and made us feel very comfortable!

  9. Oh a nurse who touched our family was my nieces nurse! She was born too early and weighed only 1 pound 9 ounces. Her Nurse Lindsay was so wonderful with the whole family. She had so much compassion. She was so good to pick you up on the harder days, or even for a hug when you needed it the most. Today my niece is a healthy 7 year old and still very close with her nurse!

  10. You wrote that so beautifully about the nurses. I agree with you 100%! With my first born I had an absolute terrible delivery/ before delivery. I was scared, in pain and no idea of what to expect. I will never forget the woman who helped me every step of the way. I still am in contact with her today and that made it #BetterForBaby ! starla.batesATyahooDOTcom

  11. Nurses are amazing!! And they put up with a lot! It takes a special person to do that job. And they are the ones with the real bed side manners. Bless them for the work they do!

  12. My favorite nurse that most stands out is Nurse Janet. When I had my first baby, everything was totally new to me and my milk wasn't coming in. She told me to start pumping (as well as having the baby suck on my breast like I was doing). After trying a couple of pumping sessions, my milk finally came in and I was so relieved. I wish I would have started pumping to help get the milk going right away, but am so thankful to her for her advice! Julie

  13. With my first baby my husband worked away from home therefore we weren't able to take a delivery class. I was scared with it being my first but my nurse was an absolute angel. She told me exactly what to do and when in order to have the best results for our baby and for myself. She made a world of difference.

  14. After my c-section I was in horrendous pain and they wanted me to stand up. Every time I did I would vomit or pass out. So, I refused to stand up. The nurses were getting very angry with me and quite frankly being rude. Finally this amazing nurse came over to me, hugged me, said she was so proud of me, gave me some more morphine, and it took forever but she got me standing up and from that point on my long recovery started! I will NEVER forget her!!!

  15. With my last baby I wasn't able to make it to my hospital that I was suppose to deliver at because I lived 3 hours away so a nurse practitioner delivered my baby at a different hospital and she was the best. So glad I didn't make it to my hospital of choice because she was so good.

  16. I’ll never forget one particular nurse. Her name was Sophia. She helped me when I was in labor with my first son. She was so sweet and funny. I was so scared and stressed about giving birth, but she was very reassuring and motivating. She was very attentive and even stayed an hour past the end of her shift, because she wanted to be with me until I gave birth. I was pushing for almost three hours, the OBGYN told me that if I didn’t deliver after three hours, I would have to have a C-section. Sophia kept me going, I was exhausted after 14 hours of labor and not getting any sleep for the past 34+ hours. I’m sure that my baby boy would have been delivered safely if she wasn’t there, but she made it enjoyable, even when I was in pain. My son was in the NICU for the first couple days due to me having a fever when he was delivered (just a precaution). She was off for two days after I delivered, but she came to visit me and my baby. She really went above and beyond. Anyone to have her by their side during delivery is very lucky.

  17. I just had my third baby 4 days ago and my delivery nurse made it #betterforbaby by ensuring he stayed alive. My placenta was apparently dying which was making my son's heart rate drop with every contraction. She kept turning me in different positions and ensuring me that we were going to both make it through just fine…and because of her vigilance, we did without any interventions!

  18. Oh my stars, Laura! I just cried after going back to read your IVF story and Leighton's birth story. You know I think Leighton is an angel, and I know how much love I felt when I saw Seraphina for the first time, but I can only imagine how your heart must have exploded when you saw sweet Leighton.

  19. Oh my stars, Laura! I just cried after going back to read your IVF story and Leighton's birth story. You know I think Leighton is an angel, and I know how much love I felt when I saw Seraphina for the first time, but I can only imagine how your heart must have exploded when you saw sweet Leighton.

  20. When my husband and I were living abroad, we decided to have our expecting child in a local clinic in a developing country. I was terrified because many of the nurses didn't speak English. The project manager's wife was a nurse and decided to schedule to come visit when I was planning to give birth. She helped me through every step of the process, motivated and encouraged me when I wanted to give up. I want to thank her for her support and helping me make it through.

  21. I have 2 daughters- one is 9 and one is 2.5. My 'baby' girl was sick when she was born so she had to stay in the NICU for 9 days…. we thought she may be there for 30 days or more. The NICu nurses and the nurses who work for my OB were so nice. My mom is also a nurse and my grandmother was a nurse. But the nurses in the hospital were all so nice. (There was one who was not so nice but I'm not going to let one ruin it for the rest lol). There was actually one nurse who was super nice and really talked to me and wanted to know my 'story' and was really supportive. She even came and checked on us after we got moved from the nicu to a regular room before we got discharged. Nurses are great! I actually did 3 years of nursing school and really want to go back to finish!

  22. I will never forget the nurses that helped us in every way possible right after giving birth. We were sent home but returned to the Emergency Room because my li'l one had jaundice and was dehydrated. We had to stay two more days in the hospital while he laid underneath the mini tanning bed. They were there for hugs, love and information not only for my li'l one but for both my husband and I. Amazing what they do and did.

  23. My labor and delivery nurse was awesome! I was in labor for 72 hours and she stuck with me. She held my hair when I was throwing up, she got me another amazing nurse (Kristen) once I had delivered, she could have left when her shift was over but she stuck with me. She never pressured me to do anything differently than what I wanted to do. I am forever grateful for her. And to top it off she was pregnant with her third child at the time.

  24. The nurses with all my babies have been so exceptional I couldn't have asked for better nurses! With my first in 2008 they showed my husband and I how to bathe my son, how to care for his circumcision among other things. They are truly sent from above.

  25. When I had my first child I had pre-eclampsia and was very nervous when they had to induce. The nurse kept me calm and took care of all of my needs at that time. After she was born, the nurse made sure that I got some rest, too. (Rafflecopter name is Kimberly)

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