December 9, 2015

Mirrored + Ray-Ban Sunglasses Giveaway!!

I know you’ve seen me wearing my Ray-Ban mirror sunglasses WAY too much, but I just can’t help myself!  They are some of my absolute favorite style of sunglasses to wear.  I think the aviator style is the most universally flattering style of sunglasses hands down.  They look good on practically everyone.  I feel like they fit the shape of my face perfectly.  There one of those styles I can even order online because I know they will fit and look great.  And the mirrored style, well, they add even more interest and make the sunglasses really pop.  Especially when I’m wearing a neutral outfit, I love the pop of mirrored color that the sunglasses give.  Blue is my favorite, but I also have the silver mirrored style on my wishlist too.  If you’ve had a pair of Ray-Bans on your wishlist too, you’re in luck because I’ve teamed up with Sunglasses Shop today to give away a pair.  To enter, just use the rafflecotper widget below.  What’s your favorite style of Ray-Ban sunglasses from Sunglasses Shop?



102 thoughts on “Mirrored + Ray-Ban Sunglasses Giveaway!!”

  1. Those do look great on you. The ones I want are pricey so I would pay whatever difference if I could if I win or I will pick out another pair and be 100% satisfied. I really want:
    Ray-Ban 4210 Light Ray
    Matte Transparent 646/55
    Thanks so much.

  2. I would really love your pair which I think are these-
    I have loved them on you ever since you got them and I have been trying to win your ray ban giveaways every time you have one lol. I so want ray ban aviators- this would be such an awesome giveaway to win for Christmas!
    I like the pink and gold too-
    ty for another chance- hopefully I win 🙂

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