February 2, 2016

Keeping in Touch + $500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!!





If you’re like me, you don’t think a lot about your cell phone service…until your phone service doesn’t work when you’re traveling…and your phone has stopped working.  Luckily, I don’t have those problems because I’ve been with Verizon Wireless for the last 14 years.  You should never let a bad phone keep you from talking to your loved ones!  Right now, you can order a new smartphone or tablet from Verizon Wireless, add a line of service, and even become a new customer – all online!  Plus, whenever you purchase a new device, you can save $50 on select smartphone with the code COUPONVZW.  (Offer expires 2/29.  Available for new customers or additional lines of service.  Not valid for upgrades.)
Last week I was traveling for work, and it was so nice to know that I could rely on my phone service to talk to Shane and Leighton.  It was a long week without it, and I’m so glad we were able to talk and stay connected.  We swapped numerous photos of Leighton dancing around the house, and we even facetimed for the first time ever.  Verizon has the best coverage around period.  Why keep using a carrier when you can use one that has better speeds and better coverage?  It’s the perfect time to sign up or add a line right now while you can save $50.  After all, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!
P.S. As a special treat, one lucky reader will receive a $500 Amazon gift card.  To enter, just use the widget below and good luck!
This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me.  Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.



96 thoughts on “Keeping in Touch + $500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!!”

  1. I would pick any of the I phones. I have one now and love it. I get to FaceTime my daughter while I'm at work most days and at night we get to FaceTime my husband while he is at work. I have a 5 and would love and upgrade. I'd probably give it to my husband because he has s 4s.

  2. I would choose the Apple iPhone® 6 Plus in any color they had available if given a choice. If available the gold is my favorite. I am already an Apple fan and I would like the bigger 5.5" (diagonal) LED-backlit widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology screen if possible.

  3. We are getting ready to switch over to Verizon this week actually! We have had the worst service with our current carrier and I have only heard THE BEST things about Verizon! This promotion is just what we needed to get our buns in gear! I would love the iPhone 6 plus in silver!

  4. I've had Verizon for I believe 12, maybe more years and don't plan on changing anytime soon. I love having service everywhere. I am still using my iPhone 5 so I'd probably upgrade to the 6, I just have had the same phone for 3.5 years and it's hard to go to something bigger plus I'm afraid my toddler will break it so at least with the 5 it wouldn't be as big of a deal. I definitely need more storage though for all the photos and videos!

  5. I guess I would want the Samsung Galaxy edge 6s. I had the iphone 6+ and opted not to keep it because I felt like I would get better app usage with the android phone. I'm not knocking the io operating system I just don't prefer it.

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