February 25, 2016

White Noise

A couple months ago, I asked for recommendations on your favorite sound machines for your little one.  Thank you so much to everyone who responded and especially those who recommended the Aden & Anais Serenity Star.  A couple months ago, we were having bad storms and the electricity went out.  I felt like a crazy ninja trying to sneak into Leighton’s room in the middle of the night to turn her sound machine back on.  Our old one didn’t have a battery backup so when the electricity went out and them came back on, the sound machine wouldn’t.  I had to go back in there and not only turn it on, but I had to change it to a different noise because it “defaulted” back to one certain noise whenever the power went off.  I was so proud of myself for sneaking into her completely silent room without her noticing, until I hit the on button, and it started playing lullabies loudly.  I frantically tried to find the correct ocean sound in the pitch black room and heard Leighton frantically rolling over to see what was going on at the same time.  She started crying, and I knew I had probably scared her, and she had probably spotted some crazy intruder in her room.  So much for my ninja abilities.  Yeah, yeah, it may sound a little extreme, but let’s all admit, we go to all kinds of crazy extremes sometimes when it comes to our babies.  I picked her up and help her and kissed her for a minute and then laid her back down and she went right back to sleep.  But, there was that moment where I thought, I totally woke her up; I’m such a jerk.  It was that moment I decided I was getting a sound machine with a battery backup.
The Serenity Star doesn’t miss a beat when you unplug it.  It continues on like it was never unplugged when you have batteries in it too.  It didn’t have an ocean sound, but it does have white noise, and Leighton seems to like it just as much.  She actually likes this sound machine more than her last one.  She can’t walk near it without picking it up off the table and carrying it all over the house with her (along with her bible and all those crumpled pages now.)  = /  Some of my favorite things about it is that it is also a clock and a night light.  It glows different shades depending on the temperature in the room so you know if the room is too hot or too cold, and it also displays the temperature.  It even has a feeding diary button on it which would have been so helpful when we first started out nursing as you really lose track of day and night and what time baby nursed last.  Have you tried the Aden & Anais sound machine yet?  What features do you look for when looking for a sound machine?  What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to try not to wake your little one up? 

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