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Mama Daughter Style Series – Dresses + Lily Jade Diaper Bag Giveaway!!

On Me:  Dainty Jewells Dress c/o // Bow Pumps c/o // RayBan Aviators c/o // Nixon Watch c/o // Lily Jade Bag c/o 
On Leighton:  Silly Me Baby Dress (LAURA15 for 15% off!) c/o // Freshly Picked Moccasins c/o // Denim Jacket via Target // Bellamoza Hair Clip c/o 
Leighton and I decided it has been too long since we’ve dressed up.  It’s time to put the leggings and flats aside and put on a dress that makes you feel pretty and girly.  I love casual and comfortable clothes as much as anybody, but with spring and Easter right around the corner, it makes me want to put on a pretty little dress like this leopard print one from Dainty Jewells.  And how precious is this Silly Me Baby bow print dress that Leighton is wearing?!  Make sure you use code LAURA15 to save 15% off your entire purchase!  I am so excited to see her cute and chubby little baby legs again with the spring weather coming.  I hope y’all are excited to see my cute and chubby little legs this spring too.  = )  It was a little windy, and Leighton wasn’t feeling well so she wasn’t really into getting pictures, but she was still such a good sport. 
I’m loving this new diaper bag from Lily Jade.  If you haven’t tried their bags yet, you have got to.  They come with a baby bag which is basically an organizer that buttons into the bag and keeps all the baby things organized, separate and in one place.  I gave my mom one right after I had Leighton, and she absolutely loves it to keep all of Leighton’s things in when she watches her.  I love this adorable new style though because you can wear it as a regular tote, crossbody or even backpack.  P.S. Don’t forget to check out Chasing Davies, Lipgloss & Crayons and Sandy a la Mode to see how they styled their diaper bags and dresses.  So now I’m on the hunt for an Easter dress.  Where have you seen some pretty spring styles?  Do share!
P.S. We are each giving away a Lily Jade diaper bag.  To enter, just use the rafflecopter widget below, and then head to each of these ladies’ blogs to enter their giveaway as well!

  1. I love this post!! Y'all are super cute!!

  2. I love Lily Jade bags. So classic! If I got to choose any of them, I'd pick the Caroline in Brandy!


  3. Love this bag!!! Would love to be able to use such a stylish diaper bag;)

  4. EM

    Id def get the madeline in brandy! Love the backpack style. And throw some workour pants from dicks 🙂

  5. I would sport my new bag with a Carrie Underwood Mixed Open Knit Scarf keep my mommy style somewhat stylish

  6. From Dicks I would love more hoodies! And I love the Shaylee in Brandy

  7. I would get a new swimsuit from dicks. I love the Elizabeth bag in brandy.

  8. I would get a new swimsuit from dicks. I love the Elizabeth bag in brandy.

  9. I would buy a new pair of running shoes from Dicks Sporting goods to get me back to running once I have this baby!!! I love you're dress by the way!!!

  10. So adorable! It's precious how she hugs you so tight.

  11. Madeline in Brandy- have been eyeing it forever!

  12. Adorable!

  13. I like the McKenna in camel.

  14. I love the Meggan in Brandy! I'm loving your outfits btw, your shoes are drool worthy!

  15. Ahh I've been wanting to try Lily Jade! Leighton looks so sweet!

  16. The Meggan looks like my style the most!

  17. The Rosie in camel is my favorite!

  18. So lovely, both of you! So sweet. 🙂


  19. My husband and I are due to have our first baby on August 11th. I would LOVE to have this diaper bag!! P.S. Leighton has always been our #1 girl name. We find out Sunday what we are having 🙂

  20. Abby Allen

    I love the Elizabeth in Navy Canvas!

  21. Love this! Your leopard dress is divine, and Leighton looks absolutely adorable!

    xx, Elise

  22. I love the Meggan in Brandy

  23. I love your blog! Beautiful and inspirational as always! Thank you for the opportunity to enter the Lily Jade giveaway. I love the Meggan bag in Brandy

  24. The Madeline in Forest Green for sure! or Rosie in Camel…or maybe Elizabeth in Red….Ok They are all beautiful and I would love any of them! To hard to choose just one

  25. I love the Meggan in brandy ???? Such beautiful bags!

  26. I love Elisabeth in Camel!!

  27. From the moment I stumbled across Lily Jade's bags, I have been in love!!! I'm expecting baby #2 any day now and would love to win a gorgeous Lily Jade bag!!!!!!!! My absolute fave is Madeline in Brandy! =)

  28. I love Elisabeth in Camel is what I love.

  29. Ash

    I love the Elizabeth in Black and Gold


  30. Love the Elizabeth but think the Meggan is bigger and might be helpful with two kiddos.

  31. love your shoes! And I am all about a good diaper bag 😉

  32. my favorite is the shaylee, but i'd love to try mckenna!

  33. I love the Rosie in Brandy

  34. My favorite is the Elizabeth in Camel!

  35. I LOVE the Rosie in Camel!

  36. Shaylee or Meggan in brandy.

  37. Elizabeth in camel is my dream bag

  38. You girls are so cute! I love the Rosie bag!

  39. The Meggan in Navy is my favorite. Gorgeous bag!

  40. I'm drooling over the Madeline Convertible Backpack in Forest Green canvas with Camel trim.

  41. Love the medeleine bag!

  42. I love the Meggan in black! Such a stylish bag!!

  43. I love the rosie in brandy or camel.


  45. I really like the Caroline in red.

  46. I like the Madeline in Brandy.

  47. I love the Shaylee and the Rosie, and I LOVE the brandy color!

  48. I like the Meggan I Brandy color all of them are adorable

  49. Callie Bowers

    Love them all, but especially loving the CAILIN IN BLACK! So chic…people would never know it is a diaper bag! XO

  50. I love the Elizabeth in Camel! So stylish!!

  51. I'm obsessed with the Elizabeth in camel, it's beautiful.

  52. I really like the McKenna bag in camel.

  53. I think I would pick the black Shaylee! I really love them all though!

  54. I love the McKenna in Brandy!!!

  55. Definitely the Meggan in Brandy

  56. Y'all are SO adorable! I've been wanting one of these diaper bags for my new little one for quite some time! Fingers crossed!! 🙂 I LOVE the Elizabeth in Camel!

  57. Love these bags so much it's hard to choose which one I love most. Probably one that converts to a backpack.

  58. I would love to win the McKenna style!

  59. Aww, Leighton is so precious! I love her little red nose. 🙂

    The Meggan in brandy looks so classy! I'm so glad that more people are realizing that backpacks make the best diaper bags, and wish that I had invested in a stylish one instead of just going with what was handy…

  60. I'm such a huge fan of all the Lily Jade bags but right now I'm totally in love with the Rosie!

  61. The Elizabeth in camel. I would love it!!

  62. I've always loved the Madeline but now I'm loving the Meggan too! I LOVE that it converts to a backpack! That is something I NEED in a bag!

  63. I love the Rosie in Black – beautiful!

  64. Jordan G.

    I love the Madeline! Such a pretty bag!

  65. Elizabeth in Camel! I'm looking for a pump bag and this would be perfect!

  66. The Meggan is my dream bag!! I think I like the black a little more than brandy but they are both amazing!! This would be a dream come true to win lol

  67. Love the Madeline! Wonderful post! Your dress is so cute!

  68. The Madeline in Brandy is hands down my favorite bag!

  69. I love the Madeline in red.

  70. Love the Elizabeth in Camel!

  71. The Madeline-can't decide on the color yet 😉

  72. So fun to dress up! You girls are too cute!

    I have had my eye on the black meggan bag!! ❤️

  73. They are all amazing!!! Too hard to decide!!

  74. I love the Rosie in camel!????

  75. I love the Elizabeth in Brandy/Gold.

  76. I love the shape of the Caroline bag and it looks so pretty in red leather! I love the organization inserts- so smart!

  77. I love them all but especially the black bag!!

  78. They are all so pretty but I love Cailin in Navy!

  79. Anni

    I love all of their black leather bag with backpack features. You look great in these pictures!

  80. MAK

    Meggan in black is my new obsession! The bigger the better:)

  81. I think I would get the Carolyne in Black. All of them are so neat though. Thanks for this opportunity.

  82. I love the Meggan you are carrying and also the Shaylee. The black leather looks divine.

  83. I like the Elizabeth in camel.

  84. I love the ELIZABETH IN CAMEL

  85. I love all the bags! They have come out with cute ones! I love MADELINE in Brandy!

  86. I love that you are wearing the Meggan in black. That's my dream bag!

  87. I love the style of the Meggan in brandy!

  88. I love Meggan in black! So pretty!!

  89. Love love the McKenna in camel! Dreamy.

  90. Gina Hiskes

    The Elizabeth in navy canvas! Love! So different.

  91. I love the Madeline!

  92. I like the MADELINE IN RED CANVAS.

  93. The Elizabeth in red canvas is my pick.

  94. The outfits are so cute!! The Elizabeth in black is my favorite bag 🙂

  95. meg

    My favorite & dream LJ bag would be the Meggan – as I am Megan – diff spelling, but same name – AWESOME!!

  96. I like the Rosie in Camel!

  97. My favorite is Meegan in Brandy!

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