March 18, 2016

My Promise

As parents, we always want the best for our child.  We want to do the best for them, give them the best and teach them right from wrong.  The most important thing I can do for Leighton is to love her, keep her safe, provide for her, spend time with her and teach her what I think is important.  I’ve realized since I’ve become a mom, I’ve made a lot of promises to her.  I’ve promised to always make time for her, to help save up for her college, to eat healthy and take care of myself too to be here for her as long as I can.  Today, I’ve teamed up with Pampers Premium Care to share my newest promise I made as a mother.  I have promised to read Leighton 7 books a week.  Let’s be real.  Life gets in the way.  We get busy.  We get tired.  I travel for work sometimes, and it’s hard to squeeze in anything extra some days.  But, I have promised to find the time to read 7 books per week to Leighton no matter what.  Even if I have to read one while face-timing or while pushing her in the stroller, or even if I have to read 2 one night because I skipped a night.  I wanted to make a realistic promise that I could keep, but one that would mean so much to her.  Leighton is finally starting to really like books.  I still can’t get her to sit still very long while I read them to her, but she does bring them to me now and then plop down into my lap.  I think it is so important to help with aptitude, her vocabulary, logical thinking skills, better concentration, but most importantly, it is time that we get to spend together.  It is our “thing.”  As she gets older, I want her to say she can’t go to bed until I read her a story.  It’s creating memories.

To help keep this promise in front of me and make sure that I achieve it, I created a framed chalkboard so I can write out the 7 books that I will be reading to her each week.  As she gets a little older, I can even help teach her to write the names of the books, and I hope it will become a fun game for her to see which 7 books to gets to hear me read to her each week.  To make this framed chalkboard, you can purchase a frame or use any extra picture frame you may have around the house.  I already had this one so I used it.  I removed the mat and glass first.  Then I used some construction paper to cut into an 8 x 10 rectangle to fit into the frame.  Then I bought some chalkboard adhesive.  I cut it into an 8 x 10 rectangle too.  I pealed back the bottom layer and then applied the adhesive to the construction paper.  Then I put into the frame for my framed chalkboard.  Voila!  It can be hung, or it can sit anywhere, but for now I decided to just sit it on the floor in case she wants to try to draw on it with chalk.  Drawing is her new favorite hobby she is trying to master.  So far it is just a scribble or two, and then she is off to the next hobby.  = )

Pampers Premium Care diapers from Walmart are hypoallergenic and breathable inside and out.  They have the Pampers wetness indicator that I and moms love, they have a unique absorb away liner and extra absorb channels too.  Have you tried Pampers Premium Care diapers?  What #MothersPromise did you make to your baby?

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