March 3, 2016

Spring Refresh – Living Room

We’ve only lived here 6 months, but I can’t help but feel the constant need to hurry up and get our house completely decorated (like yesterday.)  I think it is really starting to come together though.  Just a couple months ago, our living room was pretty empty aside from 2 chairs, a couch, a rug and a tv.  Our biggest challenge with this new house is that it is the biggest house we’ve ever lived in.  We have 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, but we previously have never had over 3 bedrooms.  The living room is also a lot larger, and since the living room isn’t at the very front of the house, there aren’t as many windows, so there is much more wall space to fill.  Right after Christmas I finally broke down and bought this gorgeous mirror from Lulu & Georgia.  It is sold out right now, but they should get more in stock soon.  It is even bigger and prettier in person than it looked online.  It is over 3ft in diameter which is great if you have a large wall to decorate.  I decided to put it near the corner of the room above an accent chair, lamp and side table.  I think it really helps to define that space, and it gives some visual interest to that large wall. 
We bought these couches when we first got married, and though I love them, I wish we had bought something lighter to brighten up the room (and I’m sure Leighton and her pbj sandwiches would just love that too!)  As an inexpensive alternative to buying all new furniture, we have tried to focus on adding new home décor pieces here and there to help update the room.  I ended up picking out this pretty white faux fur pillow to go in Shane’s leather recliner.  I thought it would add a little bit of a modern and delicate touch to his “tough” chair.  And it also helps to brighten up the dark leather.  We also finally got around to hanging up the gallery wall again.  It includes black and white pictures that I have taken over the years of mine and Shane’s travels.  My other favorite piece from Lulu & Georgia is this Moroccan pouf.  I’ve had it for a couple years now, and it is still one of my favorites in this room.  We loved it so much, we even got Leighton a white one for her room.  I love the how modern of a look and feel this silver color has, and when mixed with other different textures and reflective services, I think it helps make the room more interesting, pulled together, and even bigger.  What do you think about our living room progress?  What is your favorite room to inexpensively update a room in your house?     

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