March 10, 2016


Today I’m sharing another one of my favorite Evy’s Tree pieces.  This is the Charity in sunshine.  Once again, it has a hood (with a floral print!) and it has thumbholes.  Seriously, what is with my thumbhole obsession?!  = )  I love this bright and cheerful color for spring.  It is stretchy and so comfy, and I love the adorable scalloping at the hemline.  For sizing purposes, I’m wearing a medium but would actually prefer a large.  Is it just me, or are yellow and leopard print a match made in Heaven? 
Outfits like this are pretty much my mom uniform these days.  With me finally eating paleo and hitting the gym again, I’m already starting to fell better though, and I promise I will be sporting more dresses and skirts soon like my pre-baby self.  = )  I know, I know, my baby is almost 17 months old, what’s my excuse now?  So ladies, I need to know, what is the best advice you can give to a mom to help her finally fell like herself again?  I think mine is finding some “me” time.  Finally going to the gym felt so good, and I’ve even lined up a mani and pedi and blowout next week.  I think little things like that are definitely needed to recharge and feel like your old self, but better.     

7 thoughts on “Sunshine”

  1. Love those shoes! I think me time is so important as a mom to stay in touch with yourself. I take a vacation once a year with adults only, that keeps me in touch with my previous self. Other than that, try to meet up with friends on your own when you can. 🙂

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