April 10, 2016

Master Bedroom Makeover

I’ve been working on updating my master bedroom little by little.  There’s only one window in this room, so it can be pretty dark in here most of the time, and of course our furniture is dark brown too which doesn’t help.  Since it is too expensive to change any of our furniture right now, I’ve been working on changing and updating the small things that are more affordable.  I also wanted to add more storage.  The solution?  This mirror armoire from Bed Bath & Beyond.  Bed Bath & Beyond is your one stop shop for ALL things home.  From the kitchen to the bathroom to the patio, they carry it all. 
My new mirror armoire holds necklaces, rings, earrings, and any other jewelry you can think of.  It is lightweight and not too bulky either.  The bright white helps to brighten up the room even more.  I’ve been looking for something just like this for quite a while.  I also added some other touches like these pretty new lamps.  The lamps I had there before were a little outdated and small for the bed size, so I wanted something larger that would make a statement, and I also wanted to use reflective materials to visually make the room look bigger and bring in more light. 
Shane also decided he just had to have his chair in our bedroom instead of his office so he could actually sit in it and watch TV.  Every man’s dream, right?  I paired it with one of our silver moroccan poufs that we already had.  I think the pouf also helps to make that area not quite so “manly.”  And I also added a fluffy pillow to bring some lighter neutrals into the room.  I’m still planning to add a white sheepskin rug on the floor, get some wall art for above the bed and eventually get a new duvet cover.  What do you think so far?  What are your favorite pieces from Bed Bath & Beyond?  What do you add to your room to bring in more light and make it look more modern?

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  1. I am working on my mater room too. We have lived for 3 years in a very large room that had no closet but 5 windows. I found a way to make a make shift closet out of shelves so we decided to move the 2 boys that share a room into our room, make the shelf-closet and move us into their small room… that is yellow and baby-ish and on the side of the house that gets little day light. Now I have to re-do our room, everything but the floor. I have turned here many times for inspiration.

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