April 8, 2016

Mom & Tot Box – 10% off

I love subscription boxes; doesn’t every woman?!  And my favorites are ones that include products for both baby and mom.  I asked you all on Facebook last month what your favorite baby subscription boxes were, so thank you to those who recommended Mom & Tot Box(Use code getstarted10 for 10%off!) I just got my first box last week and was very impressed.  As for baby, it’s a toss up between the Pumpkin Play Things Hand Kite and the Samantha Leigh Designs Cape.  Leighton loves to spin in circle, and I think she will just love twirling with the hand kite, and I can easily see her dressing up with this cape as she gets a little older. 
We already have the You Guys Are So Awesome Cards attached to the car seat and think they’ll be perfect to entertain Leighton on long card rides.  They have bright colors and patterns on each side and can easily be taken off the ring and put back on for easy clean up.  I have been in love with Neatcheeks since they first came out.  They are the ONLY way we can get Leighton to happily wipe her face.  It is a time saver and miracle worker for moms. 
Tubby Todd!  We have been using their hair and body wash since Leighton was born, but we have never tried out their bubble bath.  I cannot wait to test it out soon.  The scent – oh my goodness it smells like candy.  = )  What I love about Tubby Todd is it is gentle on skin, and it is made with 100% natural ingredients.  The last thing in the box for Leighton was an adorable little hairbow from ZoZubaby.  We love bows and can never get enough of them.  It doesn’t matter how many she has, we still end up realizing we need a certain color or pattern each week to match a specific outfit.  They also have the cutest little watercolor print one in their shop you just have to check out.  = ) 
Now we get to the mom part of the box!  I LOVE lavender, and as soon as I opened my Mom & Tot Box, I knew there was something lavender scented in there.  This little tin from LB Love Organics actually includes hard lotion.  Your body heat warms it up as you rub it on.  How perfect is that?  It’s the perfect little travel size item to throw in your purse.  My box also included some LB Love Organics vanilla mint lip balm.  Yum.  I use lip balm every single day and have been using this one nonstop. 
I was so happy with my Mom & Tot Box this month and can’t wait to share with you what’s in my next box.  I really feel like each item was hand selected and was perfect for me and Leighton based on her age and our style and interests.  It’s also great to test out new products and discover new brands to fall in love with.  Don’t forget to use code getstarted10 to save 10% off your purchase!  Have you tried Mom & Tot Box yet?  What are your favorite subscription boxes?      

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