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Back 2 Blonde + 5 Ways to Update Your Beauty Routine This Summer

Dark roots.  They are practically inevitable.  But who has time to go get a touchup at the salon every few weeks?!  I have dirty blonde hair and recently started highlighting it again.  I love the lighter and brighter color, but I don’t love the upkeep.  Shortly after getting it colored, I feel like the dark roots creep up sooner and sooner every time!  As a busy mom, I am always looking for ways to save time, and Back 2 Blonde is one of my new favorite products.
Back 2 Blonde is a temporary root concealer spray and instantly turns dark roots back to blonde.  It comes in 3 different shades – light, medium and dark blonde – so you can easily match your roots to your haircolor.  What I love best about Back to Blonde is that it’s not permanent.  It washes out with shampoo and is just meant to fill in those roots when you desperately need a touchup!  Back 2 Blonde makes my hair have a pretty shine too that really looks and feel natural.  No messy powder or spray sitting on your hair that looks unnatural.  It blends in to your roots quickly and easily and just helps compliment your hair by making your pretty blonde color look ever better at the roots.  You can pick up Back 2 Blonde at Walgreens, CVS or Rite Aid.  P.S.  Check out Ibotta for a $4 off coupon!   
Since summer is the perfect time to brighten up and refresh your look, I am sharing my 5 favorite tips of how to update your beauty routine for summer.
  1. Use Back 2 Blonde to instantly hide those roots and show off those pretty highlights for summer. 
  2. With the heat, beach and pool this summer, it really does a number on your skin.  Exfoliate and moisturize everyday while in the shower to show off that beautiful sun-kissed skin this summer.  The heat wreaks havoc on your skin.  Exfoliating will help keep it soft (and bonus, it will absorb moisturizers of self tanners better and more evenly!)
  3.  Now is the perfect time to start using bronzer (and sunscreen!) daily if you don’t already.  Just apply the bronzer to your cheekbones, along the sides of your nose and your forehead.  It instantly gives you that sun-kissed glow.
  4.  Try the perfect summertime do – soft waves, a braid or throw on a hat.  There is no point in fighting the water, frizz and waves this summer.  If you can’t beat them, join them, and work with your natural texture.  I have wavy hair, and I love rocking waves or braids in summertime instead of pulling out the flatiron.
  5. Try a BB cream instead of foundation this summer.  It will feel so much lighter on your skin, look more natural, and most of them have SPF in them too.  And you won’t feel like your makeup is melting off in the summer heat.  
Have you tried Back 2 Blonde yet?  What are your favorite ways to update your beauty routine this summer?

This post is sponsored by Back 2 Blonde, but all opinions are 100% my own.
  1. I feel that way too like my roots show up quick so quick. May have to try this.

  2. Um, I totally need this!!


    Alecia – La Joie de Vivre

  3. This looks and sounds great, I have to check it out!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. I've never heard of this before! As someone who is in the salon getting fresh highlights every 6-8 weeks, I need to try this!

    Fizz and Frosting

  5. I had never heard of this before! As someone who is in the salon getting fresh highlights every 6-8 weeks, this sounds like something I need to try!

    Fizz and Frosting

  6. Looks like a great product! I am going to have to share with all my blonde friends!!!

  7. I cannot live without this product! I store it in my purse and bathroom to make sure I'm always covered for an emergency root touch up. Great post girl!

  8. I've never heard of this before! Looks great and I definitely need to try! xx

  9. I've never heard of them before. Going to forward this to my girlfriends. Thanks for this!

  10. Looks like an amazing product!


  11. I really need to try this since my hair gets a little darker in the winter!

    Emily |

  12. such a cool product!

  13. Luckily for me I have dark hair, and I just rock it but when I went lighter it was definitely noticeable when I didn't tough it up fast enough. Dark roots are inevitable, and so annoying I can imagine! This stuff looks amazing though, I'm going to take a peek and read a bit more about their products right now! xx Adaleta Avdic

  14. Such a neat product!


  15. Oh my!! What an awesome invention!! I will be sharing with all my blonde friends!! xo

  16. This is genius! My roots are so dark so I need to go get this stuff!


  17. Ok, I need to tell my blonde bestie about this product! I have never heard of this product before!

  18. This product seems so amazing! I would have to use this if I were blonde!

    Here’s The Skinny

  19. Love this so much! I am about to try this product too.


  20. Ok I am totally going to have to try this because I've been highlighting my dark hair! Great post, GF!

    xo, Sara

  21. What an awesome product! Now I just need something like this for brunettes!!!

  22. Crossing my fingers they make something like this for brunettes, this looks amazing!

    Alicia |

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