November 11, 2016

The New Way to Shop for Baby Gifts + $50 IncrediBundles Giveaway!!

If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time shopping for baby gifts for birthdays or even showers.  Even with a toddler of my own now, I can never decide exactly what babies and kids will like at a certain age.  Every kid is so different, and they usually love the box more than the gift until they’re older anyways.  That’s where IncrediBundles comes into play.  I just heard about Incrediblundles a couple months ago, and I wish I would have known about them even sooner!  Incredibundles is a subscription gift service where you can customize the frequency and type of gift you receive.  You can get a bundle delivered every 3 months or even monthly, so you will always have a new gift for each age or phase. 
I ordered Leighton the Baby’s First Books, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Leighton didn’t already have a single one of these books.  And none of them were too “baby” either.  Our box included 4 books that would have worked from the newborn phase and for many more years to come.  And it all came delivered in a pretty packaged reusable box.  Incredibundles has bundles of toys, books or even diapers.  And you can even create your own custom bundle!  They even have a Sesame Street Bundle which I know Leighton would just be obsessed with!  Their diaper bundle would have been SO handy when Leighton was younger.  They have a 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and a year bundle service.  When Leighton was really small and I was on maternity leave, this would have been so perfect because it was so hard/exhausting to get out of the house to go diaper shopping every time we would run out of them.  And for toddlers, they even carry diaper sizes up to 6 and training pants for those who need easy ups instead of diapers.
As a special treat to my readers, I am teaming up with Incredibundles today to give away a $50 gift card.  What bundles is your favorite from Incredibundles?

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