February 22, 2017

Mamas & Minis Collective – National Reading Month + 6 Books to Help Your Child Understand Difficult Topics

Toddler books with sensitive topics

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Next month is National Reading Month, and with Leighton loving to read (or talk in her own little language and have me read to her), this event is even more special than it’s been in the past.  Leighton has quite the book collection already and has completely filled up all 6 shelves on her bookcases already.  At one of my baby showers, we actually opted for guests to bring a book for Leighton instead of buying a card.  It was such a genius idea my sister-in-law came up with, and it helped us start Leighton’s book collection right away.  And now we have all those books that we can look at, read the well wishes and sweet notes in the front of them and cherish for years to come.
With Leighton now being a toddler, I thought it was time to finally start buying some books that actually teach her things that I think are really important for her to know and understand.  I had been looking for books like this that were actually toddler appropriate for a while and stumbled upon a few good ideas in one of the Facebook groups I’m in, Lil’ Mamas.  I ended up buying 6 different books, and they all explain somewhat sensitive subjects or things that are difficult to explain to toddlers such as how a baby is made with in vitro fertilization, bullying, poverty, showing kindness and even prejudices that people face.  The best thing about these books is that they are all toddler appropriate.  They have an underlying theme of these great subject matters that can sometimes be hard to explain to your toddler, but they do it so a way that is both fun and educational for children.
The books we chose to buy were:
Coincidence or not, the day we got them in the mail, I told her to pick out which book she wanted to read first, and she chose Miracle Baby – How Babies Are Made the IVF Way.  It just warmed my heart to know that she would learn how she came into our lives and how there is more than one way to have a child.  And she will also learn how to show kindness to and love others and how not to judge or bully people who may seem different, as we are all unique.  I know raising a child can be so scary and difficult sometimes.  We try our best and just hope that they learn and pick up on these things and grow into loving adults.  I hope Leighton will grow up and show kindness, empathy, patience and acceptance of others.
I also have to mention Leighton’s adorable new bedding.  I have been itching to update some things in her room for a while, but with her still in a crib, I’m not ready to make any big changes yet.  I did just add this adorable little unicorn head to her wall, and I found the most adorable little bedding from Wildkin.  How adorable is this pretty fairy princess bedding?  I love the thickness of the toddler comforter.  It is lightweight, but just thick enough to keep her warm at night.  Her room is the on the opposite end of the house, so it’s always the coldest!
Make sure you stop by and visit the other ladies of the Mamas & Minis Collective, Lipgloss & Crayons, Sandy a la Mode and Chasing Davies, to see which books they’ll be reading for National Reading Month in March.  Have you bought any of these books?  Any toddler books recommendations?
Toddler books with sensitive topics
Toddler books with sensitive topicsToddler books with sensitive topics
Toddler books with sensitive topics
Toddler books with sensitive topics
Toddler books with sensitive topics

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14 thoughts on “Mamas & Minis Collective – National Reading Month + 6 Books to Help Your Child Understand Difficult Topics”

  1. First of all, I love that nursery! Second, I remember following along your IVF journey and was so happy when you two were pregnant! Crazy to think we've been IG/blog friends for such a long time! 🙂 And third, all of my girlfriends have had a book shower, too, and I totally will adopt that same theme when we get pregnant!

    Great post, girlfriend!

    xo, Sara

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