5 Packing Tips for Your Travel Bag

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5 Packing Tips For Your Travel Bag by lifestyle blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels

Y’all are going to be so proud of me!  For the first time in a LONG time, I packed everything for my trip in just one bag.  That’s right, one bag.  One bag for a 5 day trip is pretty impressive for me.  I am all about traveling light through the airport, so I still checked my 1 bag, but it was SO nice and convenient (and free!) to only check one bag and have my hands free the entire trip.

I try to pack lightly whenever I can, but I definitely don’t want to skip packing the things I really need.  To get ready for my trip, I headed to Target to pick up some items I needed to take with me.  One of the essentials I stocked up on at Target and always carry when traveling is Cetaphil® Moisturizing Cream.  My skin is pretty prone to being dry and itchy, especially when traveling.  My skin always seems to lose all its hydration when I’m flying and traveling.  Cetaphil® Moisturizing Cream is thick and creamy, but it’s also non-greasy, fragrance free, mild and non-irritating for my skin.  It provides immediate and long lasting hydration to replenish sensitive and dry, itchy skin.  Just what I need, especially this time of year.


I first started using Cetaphil® years ago when my dermatologist first recommended the brand.  I’ve been going to the same dermatologist for over 20 years, so I always trust their recommendations.  It is sensitive enough for all skin types, even eczema prone skin.  We have even starting using it on Leighton recently, and it has helped her sensitive, dry skin so much. I’ve already shared 5 traveling tips on the blog, and today I want to share 5 packing tips to pack the perfect travel bag.


1.  Find the perfect travel bag size for your needs.  If you’re going to try to fit everything in 1 bag, at least make sure that 1 bag is big enough.  I took a trip last year and packed carried 2 bags, one of which was very small.  It was almost a waste of a bag.  I could barely fit anything in it, and it ended up being much more of a hassle than help.
2.  Make a list of what you use on a daily basis and need each day.  Being prepared will ensure that you only pack exactly what you need and don’t overpack.  And it’ll also make sure you don’t forget anything.  I keep a packing list on my phone and check things off the list as I pack them.
3.  Use multi-purpose products where you can.  Sometimes I pack a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner.  And my moisturizing cream?  I also use it as shaving cream while traveling.  I even used my bronzer as eyeshadow on my last trip when I realized I forgot to pack it.
4.  Opt for travel sized products when you can.  Anytime you can pack smaller travel sized products, that will save you more space for larger items that you can’t skimp on, like shoes and purses.  
5.  Don’t pack what you can find at your hotel.  From toothpaste to toothbrushes, to irons and even blowdryers, most hotels have complimentary sample sizes of all these products for guests who forget these essentials.  I don’t even waste my time packing most of these things.  Focus on the essentials you can’t live without.
How many bags do you pack when traveling?  What are your best packing tips?  What are your essentials when traveling?  Have you tried Cetaphil® Moisturizing Cream yet?  Visit the Social Hub here for more Cetaphil® inspiration!
5 Packing Tips For Your Travel Bag by lifestyle blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels5 Packing Tips For Your Travel Bag by lifestyle blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels
5 Packing Tips For Your Travel Bag by lifestyle blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels
5 Packing Tips For Your Travel Bag by lifestyle blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels5 Packing Tips For Your Travel Bag by lifestyle blogger Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels
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  1. Great tips girl! Thanks for sharing. xo

  2. your monogram essentials won my heart-plus Cetaphil is great too-cheers, Katelyn/www.theyellowspectacles.com

  3. I love Cetaphil and use it daily! So gentle and perfect for my sensitive skin. Now, let's see if I can actually use some of these tips and pack light for our upcoming beach trip! 😀

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  4. Such great tips, I love how gentle Cetaphil is!

  5. Cetaphil changed my life in high school!

  6. Living proof is one of m faves!

    Xo, Nina
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  7. Cetaphil makes such great products. So gentle. I'm impressed you got everything in one bag!

    Amy Ann
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  8. Such a great way to save space! I love that Cetaphil is fragrance free and works on so many skin types!

  9. Great tips! I used to use cetaphil and loved it!

  10. I don't think I'll everrrr master light packing haha! I use Cetaphil all the time- my dermatologist recommended it!


  11. such great tips for packing light!!! I still am guilty of bringing my full size beauty products though hehe!

  12. I absolutely love so many of these products!! These are great tips too. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Great tips, love your blog! Also your outfit looks so cozy <3


  14. I have a hard time finding my favorite products in travel/trial size so I like to stretch my value by decanting into smaller travel sized containers. #client

  15. I love cetaphil! It's the only face wash I use. Love your trips!

  16. Such good trips! I'm actually the queen of light packing, I love not having to worry about a ton of luggage. Interchangeable pieces and layers is key!

    Xx Mollie

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  18. Lisette

    Thanks for the travel tips, never thought about shaving with lotion before. Making a list totally makes sense and its something I never take the time to do but should, really should and you've inspired me.