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Trend Spin Linkup – Boots + Jack Rogers Shoes Giveaway!!

Trend Spin Linkup - Boots + Jack Rogers Shoes Giveaway by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels

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Happy Tuesday!  Today is all about boots – Jack Rogers shoes exactly.  I got this adorable scalloped pair of boots last year, and they are still some of my favorites!  Leighton even has an adorable little matching pair.  I have been a fan of Jack Rogers shoes for as long as I can remember, but I always thought of them for sandals and wedges, but that is definitely not the case.  Jack Rogers shoes have SO many cute pair of boots too!  Boots are definitely a favorite of mine in fall and winter, and even though I absolutely love a heel, flat booties are perfect when I know I’ll be on my feet for a while (like chasing Leighton around!)  As a special treat, I’m teaming up with Jack Rogers shoes today to give one lucky reader any pair of shoes of their choice (boots, sandals or wedges, take your pick.)  To enter just keep reading and use the rafflecopter widget below to enter.  What are your favorite boots for fall? Do you also have any Jack Rogers shoes?

 Trend Spin Linkup - Boots + Jack Rogers Shoes Giveaway by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels Trend Spin Linkup - Boots + Jack Rogers Shoes Giveaway by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels Trend Spin Linkup - Boots + Jack Rogers Shoes Giveaway by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels
 Trend Spin Linkup - Boots + Jack Rogers Shoes Giveaway by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels Trend Spin Linkup - Boots + Jack Rogers Shoes Giveaway by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels
 Trend Spin Linkup - Boots + Jack Rogers Shoes Giveaway by East Memphis fashion blogger Walking in Memphis in High Heels
On Me:  Jeans // Tee // Hoodie c/o // Boots c/o
On Leighton:  Jeans c/o // Hoodie c/o // Boots c/o

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This week’s featured bloggers are Megan’s Moda and Color and Grace! Add your link below to be featured next week!

fashion blogger weekly linkup with fall trends

Here is the linkup! Next week’s theme is layers, coats, and cardigans so start planning your outfit!

  1. Love this look! These boots are on my wish list!! Entering the giveaway with fingers crossed! And how sweet is the little matching pair for your girl?!

  2. those shoes are great!! In San Antonio, it seems like we really only get to wear booties for the majority of fall and winter! Perfect option here 🙂

    Katherine |

  3. aDw

    The Parker boot is so cute!

  4. I've always liked the look of the Capri sandals, but the Jack Rogers boots look worth trying!

  5. How can you pick a favorite shoe?? It's like picking a favorite child. I love all shoes!!
    Thanks for the giveaway, Laura!

  6. I am loving this plum color on you! That hoodie is great! And like Jodie said, how does one choose a favorite pair of shoes? They are all so fabulous! The Parker and the Sawyer Boots are so gorgeous though!


  7. You and Leighton are just precious! I love your matching booties!

  8. Love these casual combos!


  9. I love the Cameron Suede Open Toed Bootie!

  10. Such great boots! And I am loving that wine colored cardigan!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  11. Great hoodie! I love the color and the length. It would be a great addition to any fall wardrobe!

  12. I had no idea Jack Rogers made boots too, they are so cute! I love your matching tops, you two are the absolute cutest!

    xx, Elise

  13. I had no idea Jack Rogers made boots! I love the scalloped pair! And I love the kids' pairs too! You and your daughter are so cute!

  14. Such a great casual, "I am just goofing around with my kid/s", outfit today. I just love the matchy-match you two have going on. So precious.

  15. Aw you two are the cutest! Jack rogers makes some of the best boots!!

    Sarah Lindner

  16. Anonymous

    Love the shoes and the hoodie!

  17. Yes – you look great. Yes – the boots are awesome, but can we talk about your fabulous, FABULOUS hair? WOW!

  18. Adoring this jacket, and wow your daughter looks super cute in her copy. x Thanks for the link-up. Jacqui

  19. What a fun giveaway! Love those boots on both of you.
    Sincerely, Jennie

  20. Love the tan booties on both of you, and the plum cardigan is lovely heading into Fall. i love the rich colors.
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

  21. I like the Bailee bootie!

  22. I like Lucie Suede Flat in Teal!

  23. these boots are so perfect for fall! love the color! your little girl is also so adorable!!

    xo megan

  24. I love how you guys are matching!! So so cute!!

  25. I like the
    Liddy Suede Bootie

  26. You two girls are just the cutest!

  27. My favorites are the Marianne Suede Booties

  28. These matching looks are adorable, and I love the color of your sweatshirts! I never knew Jack Rogers made boots! I'll have to check them out.

  29. You both are just adorable. It's fun matching with you little mini me. Love the boots!

  30. A couple of my favorites are the Sallie Rain Boot, Parker Boot and Lucie Suede Flat.

  31. The matching looks with your little are too cute! I love the plum with the neutral tones. Casual and still so pretty!

  32. I love the Jack Rogers X Draper James Chloe Boot.


  34. Kiddy suede boots are my favorite!

  35. I'm not a huge fan of heels (only when absolutely necessary!) so I'd love the Carter suede sneaker, probably in black.

  36. Love both the looks and she is just adorable!!

    Life is just Rosie

  37. Seriously how cute is this?? I love any and all mini outfits. I will have to try this with my mini!!

  38. The water proof Emmett suede

  39. Loving the Parker!

  40. I like those red velvet booties matched with black tights

  41. I love the Jack Rogers X Draper James Chloe Boots.

  42. I absolutely LOVE their Jack Rogers X Draper James Chloe Boot. I like these because they would keep my feet dry and they are easy on and off plus are cute.

    ellen beck on form.

  43. I love the Napa Valley Mid Wedge sandals.

  44. Wow love to win a great pair or shoes

  45. All about that comfort so I like Ellie Suede Flat

  46. I really like the Deborah Bootie in Olive. ✌

  47. I like …..
    Liddy Suede Bootie Thank you for this FAN tastic giveaway!

  48. My fave is Parker Boot.

  49. I love the Reagan Bootie!

  50. Taylor Suede Loafer in Dove Gray.

  51. My favorite is the Quinn Loafer in black.

  52. The Clare Wedge's are the prettiest wedges I've ever laid eyes on! Love the flowering leather details. You can tell the craftsmanship is supurb, and they're comfortable and fashionable.

  53. I love the Cameron Suede Open Toe Bootie in Oak.

  54. Oh my!! The Delaney Textile Mule!

  55. I like so many of Jack Rogets shoes. Right now I'd love to have the Dylan Suede Booties.

  56. I've been dying for the lucie flats and I also love the marianne bootie!

  57. My favorite is the Dylan Suede Bootie

  58. I like the Abbey wedge.

  59. Jenny G

    My favorite shoes are the Carter Suede Sneakers in Midnight 🙂

  60. Reagan Bootie

  61. Exclusive Lauren Sandal

  62. Lucie Suede Flat in black.

  63. Leslie W

    I love the Avery blocked booties in charcoal!

    mosquints at yahoo dot com

  64. I love the bailey bootie! So cute.

  65. As if I need any more booties in my life, but I love the Cameron open toe booties.

  66. These booties are so stylish and will go with absolutely everything!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  67. First of all….beautiful pics with your daughter. Definitely inspiring me to do some. I don't have a favorite brand but I love a good pair of riding boots.

  68. You and Leighton are too cute! This is my first time learning about the brand, and I really their booties. The Avery Blocked Bootie and Sadie, and Liddy are right up my alley. Classic styles that you can actually walk in and that go with pretty much everything.


  69. I really like the Palm Beach Sandals

  70. I love the Lucie Suede Flat!

  71. I love the Maya Bootie in Cognac

  72. I absolutely adore that you & Leighton have those matching boots…so cute! I love their Chloe Natural Boot in the olive color. We get so many wet, rainy or slushy days here in Pennsylvania that they'd be perfect!

  73. One of the Avery booties

  74. I like both the Reagan bootie & the Lucie suede flat

  75. Really LOVE the Sadie Bootie! Thanks so much! Good Luck all!

  76. Anonymous

    Bailee Suede Bootie

  77. The cameron Suede Open toe bootie! So cute.

  78. i love the Sawyer Suede Boot

  79. The Parker boot in cognac, and also the Sadie suede bootie are two of my favorites.

  80. My favorite pair of Jack Rogers shoes is the men's Jasper.

  81. I love these shoes Tatum flats

  82. Love the Cameron Suede Open Toe Bootie

  83. Ash

    I love the Kamri Sandal in Black


  84. My kind of Shoes.

  85. Love the Marlow bootie.

  86. I love the low cut black boots!

  87. Love the Lucie flats


    Dylan Suede Bootie is my favorite

  89. These boots are adorable! I also love that wine color on you!

    xo Laura Leigh

  90. I like their Lucie suede flat.

  91. My favorite pair of Jack Rogers shoes is the Chloe Boots. Delightful!

  92. Anonymous

    Christina O – The black parker boot.

  93. Anonymous

    The Marianne Suede booties

  94. i like the reagan boots they are so cute

  95. Lucie Suede

  96. I like Sallie Rain boots in Blush! So beautiful!

  97. Dylan suede bootie

  98. Nikki Shaffer

    Love the Maya Bootie

  99. Love the Liddy boots, never owned one, but being waterproof would be great for my fall lifestyle.

  100. the Parker boot is so cute!

  101. The Emmett Suede loafers look nice.

  102. Dee Parker

    I like the Capri Raffia Sandal. Lots of cute styles to choose from.
    dmpinfl AT yahoo DOT com

  103. I like the Tatum. They look very comfortable.

  104. I really like the Carter Suede Sneaker!

  105. I love the Chloe classic boot.

  106. I love the Deborah Smooth Bootie. What wonderful detail.

  107. Bet

    I would like any boot

  108. I love the Bailee Suede Bootie in Oak!

  109. I love the Quinn Loafers!

  110. Lily

    I love the Parker Suede Boot!

  111. My favorite is The Parker Suede Boot!

  112. My favorite is the Bailee Suede Bootie in Oak! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  113. Oh my gosh, Leighton's little grin! I love how you knotted that tee!

  114. Would LOVE the Sawyer Suede Boot!!

  115. Thanks for great giveaway!

  116. I love the Sawyer boots and the Reagan booties.

  117. I love the Chloe Metallic boot. This would be great this winter

  118. Marianne Suede Booties

  119. I really like all of them, but I think the Chloe is more my style

  120. I love Bailee's booties!!

  121. I love the maya bootie.

  122. I love the Cameron Suede Open Toe Bootie

  123. I like Dylan Suede Bootie

  124. I am loving the Cameron Suede Open Toe Bootie!

  125. Oh I love the Sawyer Suede Boot! Super cute!

  126. I love the Reagan Booties!

  127. I love the Liddy Suede Bootie.

  128. Angie S

    The Carter Suede Sneakers are everything! I don't know if I love the burgundy or navy color best! They would be perfect for transitioning into fall!!

  129. I love the Peyton booties

  130. The Dylan Suede Booties are so cute!!

  131. I like the Bailee Suede Bootie

  132. I like the spirit sandals

  133. Vickie

    Love these booties!

  134. I like the Baldwin Sneaker in Fire Coral!

  135. Emily d

    The Parker or Lucille suede are too cute+

  136. I really like the Exclusive Bailee Bootie.

  137. OMMMMGGGGG how adorable are you guysss!

    – Gita (

  138. i love the sadie bootie.

  139. Leighton's boots are adorable. My lil boo boo would loves those boots.

  140. These boots are giving me life. Love them on you and the cardigan too!

    Jessica |

  141. I love the Avery Blocked Booties.

  142. cynthia ansel

    I love the Reagan booties

  143. Love your 'mini me' in these photos. I commented above but here are the accounts I use to follow you and host:

    Thanks for the nice contest!
    ellen beck

  144. Loving the Maya Bootie! I'm obsessed with peep toes right now.

  145. Kimberly O

    I like the Reagan Bootie. Thanks!

  146. carey cole

    I love the (pink) Baldwin Sneaker

  147. These boots are JR? So cute!!

  148. I love the Layne wedge

  149. I would love the Jack Rogers Parker Boot in black leather!

  150. Thank you for hosting dear! I'm linking back to you HERE Hope you'll check out my latest Fashion post

  151. I like the Liddy Suede boots.

  152. danni lynn

    i like the Reagan Bootie

  153. I like Sallie Rain boots in Blush!

  154. I like the carter sneakers in camo!

  155. Cameron Suede Open Toe Bootie

  156. Omg you and your daughter are so cute! That blonde hair. Your photos are gorgeous. Nice post.

  157. Sawyer Suede Boot in oak is my favorite pair.

  158. I like the Carter Sneaker.

  159. I could really see myself in the Reagan Booties. It's tough finding good boots that aren't too high-heeled!

  160. Parker Boot Is my favorite for New England Winters!

  161. I love the Bailee Suede Bootie

  162. I love the sallie rain boots.
    Flyergal82 at (yahoo-

  163. I really like the Chloe Classic Boot.

  164. I'm loving the skull and crossbones flat. Arrrr matey. Or the flats with champagne glasses on them!

  165. Jael

    I like the Bailee Suede bootie. Classic styling with a hint of heel.

  166. I like the waterproof Liddie Suede Booties in black.

  167. The dylan suede bootie!

  168. The Chloe classic boot is my favorite

  169. I love the Lucy flats

  170. my favorite would be the Bella Flat

  171. You look very stylish and beautiful, Laura!


  172. I love the Lauren Raffia Sandal in raffia blue!

  173. Camille Flat or Parker Boots

  174. I like the Reagan Bootie. They have a lot of cute pairs.

  175. I love the parker boots and the reagan boots. I would love some new boots for fall!

  176. I really, really love the Quinn Loafer. This shoe is so me because I am rather conservative and a good loafer is never out of style!! I love the idea of functionality and cuteness. 🙂

  177. the sadie peyton and marianne are my favs

  178. Bailee Booties

  179. Jeannie Millsap

    My fav is the Lucie Suede Flat!

  180. I like the Exclusive Skull & Crossbones Flat. (

  181. I love the Sawyer Suede Boot in black! These would go great with my black leggings and skinny jeans.

  182. I love the Reagan Booties and the ones you are wearing!! Thank you for sharing!!

  183. I love the Cameron booties!

  184. I like the Carter Suede Sneakers in Dove Grey.

  185. Carter Suede Sneaker! greaseballs80 at yahoo dot com

  186. I love the Hadley Sandal in black.

  187. I love the Georgica Raffia Sandal in gold!

  188. I like the Dylan Suede Bootie.

  189. Love the mini me boot looks here 🙂 And love the Jack Rogers X Draper James Chloe Boot!

  190. My wife would like the Dylan Suede Bootie.

  191. So many cute shoes!!! I like the Cameron Suede Open Toe Bootie

  192. I like the Marianne bootie in black.

  193. Lucie suede

  194. I like the lucie suede flat in black

  195. Rachel

    I really like the Bailee Suede Bootie.

  196. I like the rubber soled sandal — Exclusive Sunflower Sandal. Pretty!

  197. Jack Rogers is the best! The Bailee booties are my favorite!

  198. I really love the Chloe boot

  199. I love the Parker and Sawyer boots!!

  200. They have so many cute shoes. I like the Taylor Loafer.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  201. I love the Marlow Bootie

  202. I love the Chloe boot.

  203. The Carter Suede Sneaker

  204. Carly S

    I like the Easton shoe for men in navy.

  205. I like the Cameron Suede Open Toe Bootie.

  206. Iliana R

    I love the Sadie Suede Bootie!

  207. I love the Ellie Suede Flat! So cute in burgundy!

  208. I love the Marianne Suede Bootie in green, really cute

  209. chloe classic boot

  210. I live in my Jacks during the summer! I'd love to try a pair of their boots.

  211. I love the Chloe Classic Boot in the brown/black.

  212. I like the Jack Rogers X Draper James Chloe Boot!

  213. Tiffany

    I am in love with those boots!

  214. My favorite is the Bijou sandle in black.

  215. My favorite pair is the Parker Boot in black. It would look cute with leggins or skinny jeans and a cute Tunic!! lindsayhess 84 at yahoo dot com

  216. I love the Delaney Mules!

    (Rosie A)

  217. Lucie suade flats in every color!

  218. I've always wanted a pair of the sandals , love the West Hampton sandal and the Liddy or Avery bootie!

  219. Jack Rogers X Draper James Chloe Boot for my wife!

  220. I really like the waterproof Liddy Suede bootie in Oak! Gorgeous and practical, being waterproof and all.

  221. I really like the Dylan suede booties.

  222. The Chloe Classic Boot is my fave! Love them!

  223. I love the Liddy Suede Oak Bootie. Really like the waterproof.

  224. Julie

    I like the Bailee Bootie!

  225. I like Lucie Suede Flat. Great color selection.

  226. Lisa Stover

    I like so many of their shoes but if I have to choose a favorite it would have to be the Parker Boot in Cognac.

  227. beth

    I like the Ellie suede flat.

  228. The Marianne Suede Booties are pretty fantastic looking!

  229. Gabrielly

    My favorite is the Liddy Suede Bootie.

  230. My favorite pair of shoes is Deborah Smooth Bootie.

  231. I am in love with the Deborah Bootie in olive. They are everything I want in boots.

  232. So many favorites! I love the collection of booties in so many styles and I love the Lucie Suede Flat shoes in black!

  233. Wow! Jack Rogers has lots of options not just for women, but men and kids! I think it's great to include everyone. My favorite are the sawyer suede boots in oak. Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway 🙂

  234. I need a pair of cold weather boots and would love to have the Chloe metallic boots in blue.

  235. I like the Reagan Bootie

  236. Reagan Bootie is so cute!

  237. My favorite are the Jack Rogers X Draper James Chloe Boot!

  238. amanda whitley

    i love the Sawyer Suede Boot in black.

  239. The Chloe natural boot is my favorite

  240. Lucie Suede Flat are so cute love to wear there shoes they are so pretty.

  241. I prefer the adora travel system in nomad green

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