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$250 Minted Giveaway!!

Minted Giveaway for your next Holiday Cards, featured by top lifestyle blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: blonde woman sitting smiling and holding her Holiday cards

Every year I always think I couldn’t love my Christmas cards from Minted any more, but then I do.  I usually pick out a pretty traditional card.  Think red and green and a picture of Leighton in an adorable Christmas dress.  This year when I spotted this modern and colorful card design, I decided to do something different.  I knew I just had to order yellow and pink cards for Christmas.

I had Leighton’s Christmas shoot about a month ago, and she was NOT feeling pictures that day.  She was wearing the prettiest white and red dress…and pouting.  = )  So…that’s when I decided I would definitely do a card that was a little different and use some pictures of us together that we had just taken a week before.  I think it turned out great, and I love the contrast between the black and white photo and the colorful printed card!

Minted has the best selection of Christmas card designs.  You can even add return addresses, recipient addresses, stamps and more to customize your cards and make it even easier.  I got recipient addresses printed on my cards, and I ordered matching stamps.  It just makes it so much easier.  That way all you have to do is walk to your mailbox to get your order and then put them back in the mailbox to send them out once you sign, seal and put the stamps on them.  Easy peasy!

I’ve been ordering Minted cards for the last several years and love the quality, the customer service and the broad range of card styles.  I’m excited to be teaming up with them today to give one lucky reader $250 to get their own holiday cards!

To enter this Minted giveaway, just use the rafflecopter widget below and good luck! 

What would you choose from Minted if you won?

Minted Giveaway for your next Holiday Cards, featured by top lifestyle blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: Minted Holiday cards Minted Giveaway for your next Holiday Cards, featured by top lifestyle blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: blonde woman sitting smiling and holding her Minted Holiday cardsMinted Giveaway for your next Holiday Cards, featured by top lifestyle blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: blonde woman sitting smiling and holding her Minted Holiday cards Minted Giveaway for your next Holiday Cards, featured by top lifestyle blog, Walking in Memphis in High Heels: Minted Holiday cards

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. Cathy

    These are a great idea! I need to order Christmas cards, I will have to look into minted!!


  2. Nicki

    I love the hand-written holiday design!

  3. Brenda Cremer

    I would get the Midnight Snowfall cards, they are so pretty.

  4. Vickie

    I love the bright yellow and pink cards! So pretty! Minted has the best stuff!

  5. Jennifer Loyd

    These cards are so pretty! We just got our family photos back and need to get some cards done!

  6. latanya

    the joyful plaid card

  7. Dana Rodriguez

    They have so many nice choices. The meowy HOLIDAY CARDS by Chryssi Tsoupanarias are cute.

  8. Abigail

    I love the Festive Folk design for Christmas cards!

  9. mami2jcn

    I’d like the Christmas Merriment holiday cards.

  10. carol clark

    some holiday photo cards and the HANGING BAR for my daughters office

  11. Kim Henrichs

    I totally love the Booklette cards!!

  12. Patty Wright

    Christmas cards

  13. Gwendolyn Jordan

    Map Art

  14. Ashley Mains

    I would get a triangle chair and some pinboards!

  15. Tracey Byram

    Wild flowers curtains, tropical palm print, below print

  16. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I’ve purchased both holiday cards, graduation party invites AND multiple pieces of artwork from MINTED in the past. I love this company! If I won, I think I’d splurge on another gorgeous piece of art. Although I love their new vellum overlay holiday cards {especially the ‘hand-written holiday‘card}!

  17. jillian broder

    Christmas cards

  18. Candice

    We had our first child in March, and I would love to get the love all around
    HOLIDAY CARDS to send out.

  19. Young M

    I love the holiday cards!

  20. sandra

    I would love to get some wall art.

  21. Ronald Gagnon

    I would love then product/photo-christmas-cards

  22. Mary W

    We like using Minted for our holiday cards with photos all year round.

  23. Lauren

    The bright colors on these are so fun and original! Minted is my favorite 🙂


    Lauren |

  24. Colleen

    Christmas cards and some new printed family photos!!! I’m long overdue to change out the frames in our house 🙂

  25. Shirley Emitt

    I might get the FOIL PRESSED PHOTO ART, I do like it.

  26. Angela W

    I love photography so I would get lifestyle art with photographs I take. Christmas cards too.

  27. MyChau “Meech”

    I love the elegance and simplicity of the Gilded holiday card. So beautiful!

  28. patricia caradonna

    the ornament cards are wonderful!

  29. Anne

    LOVE that colorful option you chose! I’d probably go for something simple but graphic like

  30. Lee

    What beautiful holiday cards babe!

  31. Mira V

    I would use it for our Christmas cards and birth announcement!!

  32. Stefanie G

    I’d buy the beautiful bouquet HOLIDAY CARDS.

  33. Starla

    Absolutely love those! The colors are so fun and bright! I would snag some holiday cards and some new prints for the bedroom!

  34. Amy doerfler

    I love the foil pressed calendars

  35. Samantha Englund

    Love the pristine christmas card!

  36. Michelle Fiorelli

    your photos are always great!!!

  37. Manda B

    Family Christmas Cards! I love the foil-pressed collection…so beautiful! Thank you for the chance & Happy Holidays 🙂

  38. courtney b

    i would get the xmas stationary with the trees and lights !

  39. Kayley

    I would get holiday cards to send out. 🙂

  40. Marian

    I’d get our Family Christmas cards! They have such a great selection.

  41. Jessica Beard

    I love the Stars Christmas card. I would love to create this for my family. It would be a huge blessing to be able to send these cards to our family and friends.

  42. Erin

    I would order foil pressed holiday cards.

  43. Liz

    I would get my holiday cards! I love their options and the envelope addressing!

  44. Sandra Watts

    I would love to get one of their lovely Wall Murals.

  45. Maggie

    Love Minted! I already have mine designed!

  46. Will G

    Christmas cards!

  47. Nickie

    Christmas cards

  48. Kelly D

    I would get a photo calendar.

  49. Sheri Newell Anderson

    It would be fun to do the Christmas cards this year and so many awesome ones to choose from, thanks for this fun giveaway!

  50. Rachel

    Love these cards

  51. Amanda

    I just got married and would love to send out Christmas cards for the first time as a married couple!!

  52. Alina

    I would love to get Late Harvest
    LIMITED EDITION ART. Such a gorgeous piece of art work.

  53. Stafford

    The simple things
    Vellum OVERLAYS. This one is just darling.

  54. Brix

    The Staredown pin board is what I’d get if I’d win.

  55. Sean C

    Letter press and Holiday cards for me.

  56. Calvin

    A seasons greetin card

  57. Rachel

    I would get Christmas photo cards.

  58. Ashley B

    I’d get the high seas PLAY TENT

  59. Janet OBrien

    Love the Midnight Snowfall cards

  60. Lisa

    All the holiday cards!!❤️❤️❤️

  61. Luna S

    I would get some custom stamps and wax seals.

  62. Lisa

    I would get the Christmas Photo Cards.

  63. meghan

    I would use this for a new art print!

  64. Kimmy Ripley

    Your Drawing As An Art Print! My daughter Chloe Pearl is almost 9 and she has a big creative brain inside of her. Her drawings are so surreal and cool!

  65. Tara Peterson

    I would love to get some Christmas photo cards for our family. We haven’t had any done in so long or sent any out in a very long time. Especially now with our baby girl who was born last December. This would be so amazing! Minted has some really awesome goodies!

  66. Sarah Sq.

    I’d get come Christmas cards made with cute pictures of my little dog on them 🙂

  67. Tammy

    Something pretty for the wall

  68. Anne Scott

    I’d get one of their great fine art prints!

  69. Deborah Beyer

    These look great! I am fan!

  70. Cindy Peterson

    I would get one of the triangle chairs for story time.

  71. Mary Novack

    Definitely Christmas cards!

  72. Brenda Schrider

    So many pretty cards! It would be hard to choose but would love to win ! 🙂

  73. Christie

    I would get some Holiday cards. I feel so behind already and it’s only Thanksgiving! Ack.

  74. Camille Sanchez

    I love the Handwritten Holiday postcards!

  75. Alexis Todd

    I love these hunter green and rose gold cards with a BIG peace sign!

  76. Jenny Q.

    I like the frosted brush holiday card.

  77. Carmen Payton

    How Exciting!

  78. Michelle Hill

    I would get coins with my kids borth years for them

  79. Niurka

    I would get cards

  80. Robert Hogan

    The batik forest
    REMOVABLE WALL MURAL would be nice

  81. Julie

    Christmas cards

  82. Elizabeth

    The Thanksgiving Cards! They are so cute!

  83. tiffany dayton

    I would get Xmas gifts.

  84. sandra

    I love the Handwritten Holiday postcards perfect to send out to family and friends!!

  85. Sherri chastain

    I love the holiday cards !!

  86. Danny G

    I would get the Midnight Snowfall Cards.

  87. Suzanne Stewart

    Wow, they have beautiful Christmas cards! ?

  88. Alicia Brown

    I love the Cacti wall mural!

  89. Jeanie Hicken

    I would buy one of the photo Christmas cards to send out this year.

  90. Dawn Kaestner

    the child’s apron would be great for the grandkids

  91. Shelley

    I just picked out my card for 2018! I got this beautiful card that is also a holiday ornament so people could enjoy it all year long. SO CUTE.

  92. miranda

    Christmas cards

  93. Jennifer B

    I would get a triangle chair and lampshades

  94. Tiffany S

    I would make Holiday photo cards with my dog on it to send to people.

  95. Alex Montana

    Would love to be able to get these this year!

  96. Anthony Shumaker


  97. Kyndal Smith

    I would get ornament Christmas cards and a 2019 calender.

  98. Andrea Chandler

    Christmas Cards and not sure what else. Just had a new grandson so will have to look at lots of ideas.

  99. Maryssa T

    I would get holiday cards to send out!

  100. Mallory D

    Would love to do Christmas cards with our newest family member on them!

  101. Becky Boden

    I’d love to order Christmas cards, so cute!

  102. Robyn M

    They have such cute designs!! I still need to design my Christmas cards so I could totally use this to get those done!

  103. hannah pelletier

    I would love to buy birthday and christmas cards!

  104. Gricelda Castro

    painterly plaid

  105. Crystal McKinley

    I’d buy some slip on shoes!

  106. Edye

    I’d get a play tent!

  107. Nicolle

    Christmas cards! Perfect with the holidays right around the corner

  108. Alison Huffaker

    I would get holiday cards

  109. Cheryl Raymond

    I would probably get some photo cards

  110. Katy

    I love their Bold Holiday cards. We have a great photo to uses (finally) this year!

  111. Pam Flynn

    Love the watercolor blooms
    PERSONALIZED STATIONERY. I love writing letters to my granddaughter and receiving them in return.

  112. Stephanie Fossum

    I would get some Christmas cards!

  113. Meghan H

    I would love some new Christmas cards this year or some cute art for my kitchen!

  114. Shannon

    Love the “family christmas tree” HOLIDAY CARD byPlayground Prints! Really cool design!

  115. Jennifer

    I would get holiday cards to send to everyone

  116. Elaine Herrera

    Snowfall cards!

  117. Monica

    What great holiday cards!

  118. Gary

    Holiday cards

  119. Bill

    I would get Christmas cards!

  120. Michele Pineda

    My teen daughter would love a custom pinboard for her room, she has been wanting one for awhile now!

  121. Elizabeth W

    some art for my walls!

  122. Patricia Huffman


  123. Heather Savka

    I love their heart photo collages.

  124. Sheila Vives

    I would like to buy some of the Holiday Decor and Photo Gifts.

  125. Sonya Morris

    I would love to get Christmas cards from Minted.

  126. Maritza

    So many beautiful options, but my favorite is the hand-written holiday cards.

  127. Jessica

    This is super cute dear!
    Jessica |


    I would order Christmas Cards as long as they could be delivered before the second week of December.

  129. DeAnn O

    I would totally order Christmas cards if I won! Minted has some amazing designs for personalized photo cards. 🙂

  130. Dianne Buxton


  131. Paula Gilchrist

    I would strut my stuff and brag if I win.

  132. Angie egler

    Xmas cards and calendars for sure! Gorgeous designs that aren’t cheesy

  133. Ronda Patrick

    I have my eye on some gorgeous new throw pillows for the living room, curtains for the bedrooms also!

  134. Jim Hayes

    I like the winter boughs card

  135. yvonne galindo

    Gifts for the family

  136. Ann Hoggard

    I love Minted! I have had my eye on some of their vintage style Christmas cards!

  137. Catherine Meagher

    These are awesome!

  138. sandra

    i might get the supreme joy holiday photo card

  139. Sunnie

    THe wall murals are cool! ID get the wee staredown one.

  140. tuesday

    I LOVE the heart snapshot photos!



  142. Jennifer Niswander

    I would get Christmas cards and other seasonal cards, plus maybe some throw pillows.

  143. lorraine mikolinski


  144. Kelley Shymkwich

    I would order holiday cards with pictures of my kids on them! We are due for some new photos.

  145. Megan Carey

    First off I wouldn’t stress on holiday cards for the first time in a long time. 🙂 Then I would probably grab some personal picture gifts for grandparents, friends, etc. It would be amazing!!!

  146. Eva Mack

    new baby in Feb…. much needed

  147. Valerie

    Midnight Snowfall cards

  148. Dawn Slivinski

    I love the vellum overlay cards!

  149. Jessica Marinaccio

    Christmas Cards they are absolutely stunning

  150. the cape on the corner

    i would either get more artwork for my home or my friend’s bridal shower invites!

  151. Cheryl Everitt

    LOVE!! My favorite is Texas Map Filled

  152. Rhonda Best

    I would use my son and also my 2 granddaughters’ photographs in home decorator items.

  153. Jasmine

    In love with these cards! A def must have this Christmas!!

  154. veronica sandberg

    haven’t decided yet. so much to chose from

  155. Casandra LaMonaca

    I would love to get my Christmas cards through them and I also have my eye on a children’s apron.

  156. cassandra m

    i would get the customized apron and mitts for my son who is obsessed with cooking! I would also get cards for my baby shower.


    love to show love to my family and others

  158. Tamara

    I’d order thank you cards, I got married recently and I’m already running out!

  159. julie n

    i would create fantastic uplifiting positive new year cards and some fantastic calenders for friends and family

  160. Annmarie Weeks

    I would love to get the “galore” holiday cards! Love the design of the ornaments!

  161. Brenda Faulkner

    christmas cards!

  162. Robin Pearson

    I would like some holiday cards

  163. Jennifer Smith

    I’d choose a which one?! Something letterpress for sure!

  164. Dana

    I love the merriest Santa design.

  165. Maggie Roe

    I would love to use the gift card on the “Holiday Greenery” cards! So many cute options!

  166. Jessica Sandor


  167. Alexandra Y

    I like the photo calendars.

  168. christine

    I love the graphic joy holiday cards

  169. Philip Lawrence

    I would like to get the Peace Ornament Xmas cards.

  170. Heather Mitchell

    I would get the Sophisticated Snow set

  171. VeraC

    I’d think it’d be a toss up between ordering from the favorite gifts list to help knock out some gifts and being greedy with it and shop art and prints.

  172. Angela Kern

    I would get a photo calendar and let my kids choose something if I won

  173. Samantha James

    I wouldn’t know what to get so I would get it all stamps cards pictures

  174. Nancy Cooper

    I’d get some cute art for my walls!

  175. Marie Beauregard

    Christmas cards for sure!

  176. Alexandra

    I love the midnight snowfall ones!! Those are definitely ones I would get! 🙂

  177. paula

    The marker script holiday cards

  178. Hilary

    I would get beautiful Christmas cards.

  179. gloria schulte

    i would get the sketchy diamonds placematsfor myself and my two daughters!

  180. Surinder gurm

    Anything pink and sparkly

  181. Saundra Bowers

    I like the embellished classic holiday photo cards and the Frosted Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art.

  182. Susan Bailey

    I’d get a bunch of personalized notebooks – So cute!

  183. Brigitte Bauman

    I would purchase a warm gold i wall mural if I won.

  184. Jeremy McLaughlin

    would get christmas cards.

  185. linda ricotta

    i love the holiday cards really anything practical

  186. Meredith Brooks

    If i won I would love to get some Christmas cards. My favorite style is: script hallelujah. Happy Thanksgiving & thank you for the giveaway!

  187. Christina Cohen

    I would buy the holiday cards. They are beautiful and very different.

  188. Gillian Basinger

    I love the dinosaur pillow!

  189. Betty R.

    I would get the joyful plaid
    ornament card!

  190. Trina Chadwick

    I’d get the Photo Ornaments

  191. suzanne driscoll

    I would love to get the children’s artwork if I won. They are amazing!!!

  192. Kelly M.

    If I won, I would absolutely LOVE to purchase gorgeous holiday stamps from Minted!

  193. M. L.

    If I won, I would buy this framed print, All Is Well. There is something about it, the colors, the simplicity…that makes me smile and feel…happy.

  194. ae minx

    I would get the snowfall cards.. They are beautiful

  195. Carrie Lancon

    Some Christmas cards

  196. Brandon Sparks

    The first thing I would get would be the simple style MEN’S SHORT SLEEVE TEE

  197. Julie

    I love the cards!

  198. Karren McIntire

    I need to keep Thank You cards and stationery in my desk at school.

  199. Carolyn Daley

    I would love to get the beautiful bouquet holiday cards and the snowfall holiday stamps.

  200. Megan Wilson

    I would get ornament cards for our family and newborn.

  201. Tracie Cooper

    I would love the leafy monogram cards!

  202. Rebecca

    I love the custom map art! If I won, I’d definitely order one! too cute!

  203. Susan Christy

    I’d get the Memphis art print, framed.

  204. Kristen Patton

    I love Minted! I have a pillow from them and I would love to get a second to match as well as some custom Christmas cards with my new baby girl’s picture to share with family!

  205. Emma Atwood

    I had no idea how cute these were 🙂

  206. Rhonda Y

    I would get a planner, journal and holiday photo cards.

  207. Mandy Fletcher

    Thanks for the chance ?

  208. Jessica Walker

    I would get a calendar if I won!

  209. Valerie

    I would do personalized Christmas cards! Love minted!

  210. Holly Benjamin

    I would get holiday cards and thank you cards!

  211. Linda K

    I like Lush Winter Foliage in the Christmas Photo Cards

  212. Erica Rich

    I love Christmas and only do Christmas cards


    Really pretty, and an original gift!

  214. Jessica Steptoe

    Calendars and gifts

  215. sobrina richards

    Art Prints <3

  216. Jayson S

    Ornaments for sure.

  217. Leah Shumack

    I’ve never created my own Christmas cards before! I think it would be a lot of fun!

  218. beth shepherd

    I would pick the spirit tee. So cute! Thank you

  219. Karina Herman

    Free People is divine

  220. cassandra register

    this is so amazing! love it

  221. Molly

    I would get the mark making tent.


    I would order holiday photo cards or the ornaments. They are both beautiful! Thank you!

  223. Kelsey Vinson

    I would purchase some wall art for
    The nursery

  224. Carie Dukes

    Probably a trough the Forrest tent

  225. Kelly Freeman

    I really like the strawberry fields play tent

  226. Cliff Plummer

    Christmas cards and ornaments for the family!

  227. Samantha

    If I was so blessed to win I would get ornaments for my family Christmas tree. I would also get things to remember my son while he is young. These years are going by to fast. 🙁
    Merry Christmas!!

  228. Cassandra D

    The Christmas photo cards.

  229. Marie c

    It’s difficult to make a choice! I do very much love the look of the vintage style Christmas cards, though, so maybe I’d go for those

  230. Perlita Mata

    I love everything but I would get my son the Hunt and Gather play tent which is so adorable

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