March 30, 2022

15 Things to Put in Your Kids’ Easter Baskets that Aren’t Candy

15 Things to Put in Your Kids' Easter Baskets that Aren't Candy featured by top US mom blogger, Walking in Memphis in High Heels.

Judge me if you want, but I don’t put candy in my kids’ Easter baskets. Do I have a problem with it? No. But, they get candy or chocolate occasionally. I feel like there is always an occasion coming up like holiday after holiday where they get sweets. And they get it at school for Easter too. So I just stay away from it because I know they are already getting SO much of it… from school, friends, grandparents, etc.

What I really love spending money on for them is things that they will need or use but is still exciting to receive. Those are the Easter Basket gift ideas I love to get them. Some new crayons or a new book… yes please!

So if you’re looking for some great non-candy Easter basket ideas too, I’m sharing 15 great ideas. What is your favorite thing to put in Easter baskets?


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