October 16, 2023

Castle Hill Inn – A Luxurious & Quintessential New England Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island

Out of all the beautiful spots we visited in Newport, Rhode Island, I think Castle Hill Inn may be my favorite. This hotel is set on a 40 acre peninsula bordering the ocean and provides beautiful views of the sea and the rocky shoreline. The views are just breathtaking overlooking the water from the lawn outside the hotel. And Castle Hill Lighthouse is right next door and just beautiful!

The hotel boasts an incredible restaurant, the Dining Room, indoors that is an amazing four star restaurant. They also have an indoor Mansion Bar and dining menu there. We ate there during our trip, and all of our food was incredible! Outdoors, there is the Lawn Terrace restaurant that overlooks Narragansett Bay.

There is also the outdoor lawn space where chairs are offered on a first come first served basis. You can sit there and enjoy the views and drinks from the Adirondack Bar if you’re not looking to eat. You will definitely want to make reservations to dine at either restaurant as they book up quickly. We had reservations at Lawn Terrace, but it is dependent on weather, and we had some rain that day and got cancelled. It will definitely be on our list next time though!

On our sailing trip, we passed by Castle Hill Inn, and it was so pretty seeing the hotel from the water this time. While there are so many incredible hotels in Newport, Matt and I will definitely be staying at Castle Hill Inn next time we are in town. I just love the gorgeous hotel and sea views while also providing incredible food and great service. I really love that the hotel provides luxury accommodations while also providing such a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere both indoors and out.

If you have ever been to this area or Castle Hill Inn, let me know what your favorites in the area are. It was definitely a dreamy and quintessential Newport spot that I loved so much. = )


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