December 28, 2023

Big Sky, Montana in the Winter: Packing List for a Ski Trip

Looking for the perfect packing list for a ski trip? I’m sharing everything we packed for Big Sky, Montana here!

packing list for a ski trip

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Matt and I are heading back to Big Sky again this year, and we cannot wait! We went for the first time about a year ago, and it was amazing! It was our first time to ever visit Montana, and we were blown away! The views were so unique. The ski resorts were great. And the food was so good too! We also loved the small town feel, and not a single place we visited was crowded. We loved that part so much! It is 100 times better than Breck in my opinion!

Whether your’e headed to Big Sky too or you’re going skiing somewhere else in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, etc., I am sharing my top favorite 15 things to pack for a winter ski trip. I have rounded up a couple of my favorite ski outfits, base layers, beanies, goggles, jackets, socks, boots, vests and tops. All you still need is the gloves, snow and skis. = )

We plan to ski a couple days and hike and sight see another day. It will definitely be chilly so I’m all for piling on the layers. As it warms up each day, you can add more layers. And as it gets cooler again at night, you can add more layers again. I would definitely pack plenty because you will be happy you have them! Which items are your favorite on my list? Do you have any ski trips planned coming up?


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