January 24, 2024

The Best Daycare Labels for Kids’ Clothing & Gear + 10% Discount

It’s back to school time for Grayson! He was back in school for 1 week, and then we had an entire fun filled week of snow! But now he’s back again, and he’s been so excited! With back to school time comes all the prep work for mom. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought this was the absolute perfect time to stock up on some more daycare labels for Grayson. They are the perfect gift to add into your kids’ Valentine’s baskets. And right now all the labels from Name Bubbles are 10% off with code WIMIHH.

Daycare Labels and Name Bubbles

daycare labels, name labels, name tags

At Grayson’s school, we have to label everything with first and last name…and I mean everything. The school doesn’t want anyone losing or missing anything or swapping their stuff. It makes it easier on the daycare workers, and it makes it easier on parents too. And this is especially important for kids who have food allergies too. That’s why labels aren’t just nice to have, they are also for their safety. The daycare label packs from Name Bubbles comes in a pack of 96 labels. These packs from Name Bubbles include:

  • • 40 Circle Clothing Labels
  • • 32 Small Rectangle Name Labels
  • • 15 Circle Name Labels
  • • 5 Rectangle Name Labels
  • • 4 Shoe Labels
daycare labels, name labels

All the name tags in their daycare label packs are printed with non-toxic ink on our premium vinyl material. They include dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, freezer-safe and laundry-safe name stickers for daycare. We love using these labels to put on Grayson’s water bottles, lunch box, food containers, snacks, clothes coats and more. These stickers come in various shapes and sizes, and they come in so many different colorful choices. I loved getting to pick some out in his 2 favorite colors, and they were the perfect addition in his Valentine’s Day gift basket. I don’t know about y’all, but I love some good practical gifts that you actually know will be used!

daycare labels on water bottles, name labels

No more losing your children’s belongings anymore. Their clothing and gear will always make it back home with them! And everyone will be happy. These are the best labels around as they stay put and are dishwasher/machine washable. Personalize all your kids’ school items by adding a cute, colorful and fashionable label that is also super practical. You’ll definitely thank yourself for it! Have you tried the daycare label packs yet? What are some items you love to include in your kids’ Valentine’s Day gift baskets?


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