February 28, 2024

A Luxurious Vacation at The Cloister in Sea Island, Georgia

If you’re headed to Sea Island, Georgia, save this post! I’m sharing our amazing experience below.

Last month I finally got to cross Sea Island off my travel list, but it definitely won’t be the only time that this charming yet elegant town makes my list. I’ve already added it back to my list to visit with Matt next year. If you’ve never been to Sea Island before, I want to give you an idea of what to expect. And if it isn’t on your travel list yet, you will definitely want to add it.

While in Sea Island, I stayed at The Cloister at Sea Island. From the moment you drive over the bridge to Sea Island, you immediately can tell that something is different about this destination. It’s quieter. It’s grander but tasteful. It’s luxurious. The gorgeous buildings and hotel, the landscaping, the attentive staff. They pay attention to every detail here at the Cloister. You’re greeted the moment you walk into the hotel, and you will be greeted by name during your entire stay. Everyone at the hotel is here to go above and beyond your expectations.

When I first arrived, I had a hair appointment at the spa coming up, so I decided to go next door to check it out. The building is right next door, but the concierge will call over valet to give you a ride to the next building. They really do go the extra mile. Not only is the spa in the next building, but so is the fitness center. The fitness area was filled with 2 levels of workout equipment, free weights, machines and several rooms where they had group exercise classes. It actually made it no only tolerable working out on vacation, but it honestly made it really enjoyable. Every piece of equipment I needed was there, there were gorgeous views out the windows, and the fitness area was incredibly spacious. I was really impressed with it. After my workout, I got a blowout and was so happy with the service. It took a lot less time than I thought it would, and I was so happy with how my hair turned out. Everyone I encountered at the spa was so friendly and attentive.

After a spa day, I was ready to do some exploring of the property. I honestly could have done this all day long. We walked outside and could see the resort surrounded by the river, marshes and the sea. The resort has the most incredible views. We strolled along underneath the trees and enjoyed checking out the chapel, the beautiful trees and flowers and the architecture of the buildings. It was all so pretty and I love how they do such a great job of combining the indoors and the outdoors. They both compliment each other so well here.

Our room was just right off the main building, so you had to walk out of the building to get to it. We loved the views walking back and forth each day. It wasn’t a far walk, but it was worth it just to explore the property and take in all the sights. Our room was so spacious with exposed wood beams, handcrafted oriental rugs and a large balcony and patio off our room. It was the perfect space to unwind. We had a direct view of the water from our balcony. There is a 5 mile stretch of private beaches. I was surprised how quiet the entire hotel was, considering we had such a large group there that week.

There is so much to do here too. From a pool to golf to to dinner cruises to pickleball to cycling to clay shooting, there is no shortage of activities. If you’re wanting to try some thing new and stay busy, you can easily do that. If you’re wanting to just relax, take in the views and enjoy incredible dining, you can do that too. There is something for everyone here. If you’re looking for dining at The Cloister, there is Tavola, Georgian Rooms and River Bar & Lounge. We ate at all 3 of them, and though they were all wonderful, Georgian Rooms was just an experience you have to try. The restaurant is not only gorgeous decorated, the food was amazing. We raved about it all night! If you’re looking for a elevated but charming Southern vacation spot, Sea Island is definitely it. You just have to experience it yourself to see what the hype is all about, and trust me, it is definitely warranted and deserving. Have you been to Sea Island? What spots are on your travel list?


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