February 23, 2024

What to Wear to a Silent Disco Party

Silent disco parties have taken the world by storm the last few years! If you’re looking for something to wear, I have you covered! Here’s what to wear to a silent disco party!

silent disco party outfit

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Just a few months ago, I never would have thought that I would be going to a disco themed party. And I especially wouldn’t have thought that I would be going to 2 within the same week. I am not going to lie; when I heard that the theme was disco; I wasn’t impressed. I’m not really a big disco music fan, and I just wasn’t excited about theme at all.

Fast forward to finding the perfect dress and booties at Dillard’s Wolfchase, and I was starting to really get pumped about this fun night out! This pretty pink sequin dress has a low bak and a tie at the top. It is such a pretty shade of pink too. The sleeves are slit flare and are so cute. And this was the perfect occasion to finally wear these statement booties!

silent disco party outfit

On top of the theme, I really didn’t know what to expect for a silent disco party. We would all be wearing headphones dancing to different tunes, and no one would even be talking to each other. I wasn’t so sure about that. But…I can tell you that we had an absolute blast! Granted, no one could hear each other to talk, but it was SO much fun! We all danced, laughed, changed each other’s channels when a good song came on another channel and had so much fun. And when you took off the headphones, the entire room was dancing in silence. It was amazing! Trust me!

I’m already starting to think that I may need to throw a silent disco party later this fall. It was that much fun, and I really ready to do it all over again! Even Matt had a blast and closed the silent disco down lol! A few days before, Mary Kate and I closed the silent disco down at midnight in Sea Island. It really was such a great night. If you have any disco themed parties coming up, I say go bold with all the sequins that you can! What would you wear to a disco party?


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