March 1, 2024

Spring Break Style Guide: Southern Vacation Edition

If you’re planning a southern vacation for spring break, here’s a quick style guide!

spring break packing list

Spring Break Style Guide

I don’t know about y’all, but I am so ready for spring break! We aren’t going very far away at all, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for warm, sunny weather! We wanted to stay pretty close to home this year for spring break because we have to get all of our hardwood floors replaced in our home. Plus, we had a leak on both levels of our home, so we have to move out for at least a couple weeks. Staying near to home for this break means I can pop in everyday to check and see how everything is looking. So it will all end up working out!

The kids are so excited about the break. It will be nice to take the kids somewhere they haven’t been in a while, and I think it will be a nice, low-key trip where we can just all spend quality time together, go to a baseball game, play and eat out everyday. It honestly sounds nice. Fun, but chill. = ) I’m looking forward to packing all the fun spring clothing for our trip. Where are you going for break, and what are you packing?


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