April 8, 2024

10 Reasons to Have a Staycation at the Peabody Hotel with Your Kids

We always love going to the Peabody Hotel! It is our favorite hotel in Memphis, and the kids love it just as much as I do. Growing up, we didn’t travel or have staycations much, but when we did, my siblings and I absolutely LOVED staying in hotels! There is just something about it that feels so special! And my kids feel the same way. Our last trip to the Peabody was last March, and we all had a blast! Keep reading for my reasons you will absolutely want to have an overnight stay here with your own kids too.

10 Reasons to Have a Staycation at the Peabody Hotel

1.) You get to spend quality time with your kids on vacation. No cooking, no cleaning, just having fun. It makes it truly feel like a vacation. The kids get to stay up a little later, have some extra treats, watch tv, and they just get to be kids and have fun. = )

2.) Their deli has the best desserts! The have chocolate covered strawberries and tons of duck shaped desserts. They not only taste good, they are so cute too!

3.) There is nothing quite like room service breakfast in the morning with your kids. This just feels like such a treat! A fully loaded breakfast that you didn’t have to cook or clean up after? Yes, please! I love this just as much as the kids.

4.) They have a great indoor pool and hot tub. Last month we spent one entire night swimming in the pool and hot tub. I think it was actually Leighton’s favorite part of the trip!

5.). They have the most comfortable beds and pillows…seriously. They are SO soft and plush! You will definitely want to relax in bed and sleep in with bedding this comfy!

6.) You will all love watching the ducks march. This is a favorite of adults and kids alike. Watch them twice a day in the morning and evening. They will march from the hotel through the lobby down a red carpet to the fountain. At the end of the day, they march back upstairs to their duck mansion.

7.) They have a great gift shop with fun toys…including lot of ducky toys. Last time I took Grayson, he just had to have a rubber ducky and a pink Cadillac little car like Elvis. He drove it all over the hotel the entire day!

8.) There is just so much to see and do. You can see 2 levels of the hotel from the lobby, a fountain, and they serve kid friendly drinks in the lobby with rubber duckies in them.

9.) You get to feel fancy for a day. This might be one of the girls’ favorite reasons to stay here. They love getting dressed up, having high tea, spending the night and waking up in a hotel room in a comfy bed. It definitely makes you feel special!

10.) You could be an honorary Duckmaster and the lead the duck march. For the last several years, the girls have been honorary Duckmasters, and they absolutely love it! I cannot wait to let Grayson join them really soon for the first time too! It really is an experience to remember!

Whether you’re in Memphis or not, you have got to stop by the Peabody! You will love it, and so will your kids! It will definitely be a memorable experience they will always remember. I hope my own kids will have the same traditions one day with their own families. Have you been to the Peabody Hotel before? What’s your favorite thing about the hotel?


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