April 24, 2024

Amelia’s 6th Taylor Swift Themed Birthday Party

We recently celebrated Amelia’s 6th birthday with a Taylor Swift Themed Birthday Party! Keep reading for all of the details!

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Amelia is 6! What a year it’s been! I can’t believe how much she has changed over the last year! She has grown a little taller, and her foot size is finally been growing like crazy! Her hair is getting longer. She is almost finished with kindergarten and doing so well and loving it! She also loves sports and art and is growing into the sweetest little and big sister. Time is just flying by, and I love seeing her personality come out more and more as she gets older. She is busy, happy, stubborn and hard working! It’s so fun seeing her grow, but goodness I can’t believe it was 6 years ago when we all met Amelia. = )

Taylor Swift Themed Birthday Party
Taylor Swift Themed Birthday Party

Our Taylor Swift birthday party was at Cotton Candy Kidz, and it was such a fun morning! We celebrated with a jewelry making party. We made Taylor Swift style bracelets and necklaces, played limbo and sang karaoke. And of f course, we had Taylor Swift plates, napkins and cups and enjoyed chicken nuggets, fruit and a chocolate chip cookie cake from Smallcakes Collierville. Amelia is obsessed with cookies, and this cake did not disappoint!

Taylor Swift Themed Birthday Party
Taylor Swift Themed Birthday Party

She even had a cute little birthday era t-shirt to match that was just adorable! Over the last couple years, we didn’t throw birthday parties for the girls. They chose trips the last 2 years instead of having parties, but this year, they decided they wanted to have parties again. I went back and forth between so many fun ideas, but we landed on Taylor Swift last year when we started planning it. They had just seen the movie, and it was too fun of a theme to not do it! We had such nice day, and it was the perfect start to our vacation trip we all took together. Happy 6th birthday Amelia. We love you!


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