January 15, 2013

Red White and Blue

Happy Tuesday everyone!  It was in the 70’s this past Saturday, but it was below 30 yesterday and today.  We had some freezing rain yesterday, and they’re calling for some more today.  I hoped for a snow or ice day, but no such luck.  If you’re out and about please be careful!

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I announced the winners from last week’s giveaway yesterday.  Both of the winners are fellow bloggers, so head on over and check out their blogs when you get a chance.  Ty from Arkansassy won the gift certificate for a manicure, and Keyona from Skinny and Delicious won my favorite new nail polish.  Don’t forget to enter my new giveaway this week for a beautiful gunmetal and gold Loft bracelet!!  It runs through this Friday at 6:00pm CST.  Leave a comment, you’re entered, boom.

I started noticing last fall that my wardrobe was seriously lacking in red, so I’ve been buying more red items lately which has somehow led to me pairing it with blue and white.  I’m feeling patriotic, what can I say!  I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been wearing this blazer a lot lately.  I just love it and especially the price.  It’s the best fitting blazer I’ve ever found, and the first one I’ve ever bought after trying on tons.  The silk blouse I have on is by Parker.  If you’ve never tried their tops, you really should.  They have so many cute designs and patterns and they’re all so flattering and easy to dress up or down.

Parker Boho Blouse.  Old, but I love this teal colored on here.
Lauren Conrad Red Blazer.  $29.74 with code SKATING.  Last Seen here.
Rich & Skinny Jeans.  Old.  Last seen here.
J Crew Bracelet.  Old, but I am loving this one here.
Nine West Delray Pump.  Old, but similar one here.  (Pictured below.)


I guess I’ve been living under a rock because I just found these shoes today for $62.99.  I absolutely love them!  They have them in 6 different colors, one of them being nude, so if you’ve been looking for a great nude pump, you should definitely check them out. They also have a gorgeous red and blue suede.  Which should I get black leather with tortoise peep-toe or black suede with tortoise heel?  Decisions, decisions, this is important stuff people!

Last night Shane and I wanted to get out of the house since he’s been stuck inside for almost a week now with all the rain and freezing weather. He works outside, so his business depends on the weather being at least above freezing and rain-free. He’s basically been a stay-at-home husband for the last week, and I have to say it’s been nice coming home to clean laundry, the bed made and the floors vacuumed. I could get used to this, well until the bills come. Since he was stir crazy, we decided to head over to TJ Mulligans Pinch right down the street. I used to do promotions at most of the Mulligans’ locations when I worked for Miller Lite, but this is the one location that I never got a chance to work at, so I was interested to see what it was like. It had a casual, laid-back bar atmosphere with bar food like the other locations. I think everyone there was regulars besides us. We ended up playing two games of darts, and Shane won both games. Most of my darts were either hitting the wall or the floor, so I think the customers were happy when we decided to move on to pool. We played two games, and I won both. I think I’ve found a new hobby!  We ate dinner there too, and I was shocked when I saw cheeseburger salad on the menu!!  It was a dream come true.  I don’t know who came up with the cheeseburger salad idea, but they’re obviously brilliant…obviously.  It was awesome.  We had it without dressing, and with no bun it still worked for my paleo diet.  Now, I’m looking for someone to create a pizza salad!  Well I’ve made myself hungry so it’s time to head to Newk’s.  I’ll be doing a house tour this week, so watch out for that.  My SIL is planning on doing one soon too, so keep an eye out for hers also.  Have a great day!

16 thoughts on “Red White and Blue”

  1. I am definitely making me and the Mister a Cheese Burger Salad after that pic. Yum! Lovin the great giveaways too by the way.
    By the way, love that you are from Tennessee. I went to college at Missippi State for a few years and always spent part of the summer with a friend of mine from Nankipoo Tennessee (yes it's a real place). LOVE that state!

  2. I am liking the tortoise heel! And I can't wait for the home tour…I was thinking of doing one too, just because I love seeing other peoples' style, not necessarily that my house is anything special, it just shows a whole new dimension to the person behind the blog! I envy your fashion sense…my closet consists of blacks, grays, and anything neutral, so boring.

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