January 24, 2013

What’s in Your Makeup Bag?

Good morning ladies!  I was originally going to do Part 2 of my house tour today, and I had this post saved for another day, but then I heard that Trista was doing this linkup, and since it was already the title of my post and already to go, I figured why not?!  I’ll warn you that my makeup bag is pretty dirty inside, and I have a lot of junk of in my bag but don’t even use half of it, so I’ll only cover the items I have in there that I love.  P.S.  Make sure to scroll to the bottom for a giveaway sneak peek and to see if you won 1 of the 2 past giveaways!!  Don’t forget about the current Memphis area giveaway here that ends this Friday night.

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Vera Bradley Cosmetic Bag in Viva La Vera.  Sold out in this pattern.  $26.


I LOVE this Mary Kay concealer.  I had a really bad mountain biking accident 5 years ago and it pretty much pealed off some layers of skin on most of my chin.  It healed, but most of my chin is permanently red now from the scar.  I am very, very self-conscious about it so I apply concealer on my chin everyday.  That’s the only place I use concealer.  It actually really works all day without having to touch it up.  A little goes a long way too, and I’m still on the same small tube from over a year ago.


I’ve been using this same powser for 8 years, and I owe that to Shane.  I had never tried MAC, but for our first Christmas he took me to the MAC makeup counter to get my makeup done and then bought everything they tried on me that I liked.  This baby here was one of my favorite items.  In my opinion it doesn’t feel or look anything like a foundation, just a powder, but it still has really good coverage a powder but isn’t too thick or cakey at all.  In fact, I don’t even wear foundation because this powder is plenty for me.

Once again I discovered this mascara a few years ago through Shane.  Are you seeing a pattern?  Maybe he thinks I look bad without makeup lol.  One of his friends from high school works for Lancome, so he bought me a bunch of makeup items that she suggested for Christmas a few years ago.  This was one of them.  Before I bought this mascara, I never really had ‘A Mascara.”  I just used whatever I could find or that was on sale at Walgreens and even tried the MAC kind a couple of times, but I didn’t have one that I really LOVED.  I never, never use any other kind anymore and am hooked on this stuff.  At first I was hesitant with it being water-resistant, but it’s actually the perfect balance so that it doesn’t come off in normal situations at all, but you don’t have to scrub your eyelashes off just to remove the mascara at night like a lot of waterproof ones I’ve tried before.
This bronzer is from Lancome also.  They have their free gift every few months, so I ended up getting one for free with my purchase of my mascara a few years ago and have been hooked ever since.  Warning:  a little bit goes a long way.  I use it year-round, not just in summertime.
I got this same exact eyeshadow, except in the quad instead of the trio.  It looks like the quad is sold out.  I bought it over the holidays when they were running a special on it.  I don’t wear eyeshadow very often.  In fact, I probably wear it less than 10 times a year, but when I do, the one below has the perfect neutral colors.  The one I have has a great charcoal color too which works great to double as eyeliner!


I LOVE this lip balm.  I used to be a chapstick girl, and finally decided to try some color.  My sister and I absolutely love it.  It is moisturizing, but is the perfect color that looks similar to lipstick without all the hassle.

Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm in Fresh Plum.  $7.99.  Last seen here.


I know most people love the thinner tweezers that are angled at the end, but I like the ends of mine to be straight and not too thin or else I just can’t seem to get them to work.  I know I’m old school on this, but they’ve been working for about 15 years so why change?

Revlon Compact Slant Tweezers. $2.24.

Mom, if you’re reading this no offense, but I thought you were crazy when you told me these were the best eyelash curlers you’ve ever tried.  I had been paying $20 for the coveted Shu Uemora eyelash curler, and it just doesn’t work for it.  Definitely not worth the money in my opinon.  For my eyelash curler, I’m going to walgreens or CVS.  I’ve never had an eyelash curler that curled my lashes so much and so well on the first time.  I thought it was normal to curl them 3 or 4 times before they stayed curled.


That’s it for my makeup bag!  What’s in your makeup bag?  Are you linking up?  Have you tried any of these items?  What are you favorite cosmetic items?  Make sure to check below for the winner of the Stella & Dot earrings and the Loft bracelet.  The winner from last week never contacted me to claim the bracelet, so I had to draw a second name.  Thanks to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for the awesome giveaways I have coming up over the next few weeks.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen some of these photos.  All the cool kids are doing it.  = )  Here’s a sneak peek of the giveaways!


For another good deal, be sure to check out Apple of My Eye Jewelry here today.  She is selling these adorable necklaces for $6.95 today only!!


The winner of the Stella & Dot earrings is…
Rachel!!  Email me for details.


The winner of the Loft bracelet is…
Terri!!  Email me for details.


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  1. Fun linkup! I absolutely love finding that perfect cosmetic that makes you stop trying new ones. I may need to try that mascara though. I haven't found my perfect fit just yet!

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