February 18, 2013

Skincare + Giveaways + Winners!!

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To help make your Monday a little more enjoyable, I have a couple giveaways today, and I’m announcing the winners from the 5 giveaways last week.  You just scrolled to the bottom, didn’t you?


First, I want to talk about Charleston Naturally, an online skincare company. Charleston Naturally only carries organic products that perform as promised, adhere to their strict
standard of ingredients, and use sustainable, thoughtful business models. Their
featured brands are revolutionizing the skin care and beauty industry – using
natural resources and modern practices to create products safe for you and the
environment.  They offter free 1-3 day shipping for free on orders of $75 or more, and you receive 3 samples with every single order.  I received their full-size Suki Creamy Foaming Cleanser and their full-size Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream.  They also sent me a few different samples to try including their Rahua Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner, Suki Intensive Nourishing Cream and Suki Face Serum.


I tried the shampoo and conditioner first since they were samples and I knew they would only last one time.  I have really thick and long hair, so shampoo and conditioner samples definitely don’t go very far on me.  Since I only got one use out of it, it’s a little hard to give a fair review on the shampoo and conditioner.  I can say that I really liked the smell of them.  They had a nice clean smell that I would want my haircare items to have.  It smelled similar to Aveda products.  I’m used to using really lathering shampoos, but this one did not have too much of a lather.  It’s probably all in my head, but I feel like they’re supposed to foam up, but a little actually went a long way, and my hair’s texture did feel nice and voluminous afterwards.  I couldn’t tell much of a difference from my normal shampoo and conditioner.  Again, I would really need to continue using it to give a fair review, but I would definitely try them again and see if I noticed a difference with continued use.  The serum and nourishing cream were samples too, but I got a few uses out of them.  They had a nice clean scent to them too, and I loved the way the serum felt on my face.
What I really want to talk about though are the two full-size products I got.  I have been using them both for about 3 weeks now.  The cleanser has a lemon-like scent in my opinion.  The active ingredients are many different oils including acai oil, and it also contains apple juice water.  I use two small pumps from the bottle.  Each pump is very small, and a little really does go a long way.  It doesn’t foam too much, just a little, but the scent makes it feel like it’s really cleaning your face well.  I have been using the cleanser along with the eye cream each day.  I use the cleanser first in the shower and then put on the eye cream afterwards.  I’ve been using the eye cream both morning and night.  It has a citrus scent and is just thick enough to feel like it has good coverage, but it’s not too heavy.  I don’t like really heavy moisturizers or creams, so this eye cream was just right in my opinion.  The eye cream has active ingredients of many different oils including borage seed oil and avacado oil.  I didn’t take any before and after pictures to documents wrinkles, but I have noticeably been able to see and feel a difference in complexion.  My skin feels softer, brighter and clearer.  I have never noticed such a different just in the way my face looks and feels from any other product before.  I think it’s probably a combination of the cleanser and the eye cream, since my face has been perfectly clear for the last few weeks and has felt softer too.  If I had to choose, I’d say my favorite product is the eye cream with the face cleanser coming in a close second.  I’ve always been really interested in taking care of my skin and trying to be proactive in preventing wrinkles.  I think I get that from my mom; she has great skin, and luckily I think that I may have inherited a little of that (fingers crossed.)  I will definitely continue to use these two products – definitely keepers.  Even Shane agreed that my skin has looked great over the last few weeks, so that’s definitely a plus in my book too.



Charleston Naturally has been generous enough to give away one full size bottle my favorite new product, the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream!!  The eye cream retails for $58.96!!  I think you’ll definitely love it like I do.  All you need to do to enter is:
1.)  Make sure you’re following me via GFC.
2.)  Leave me a comment.  What are your biggest skincare concerns?
The contest will end this Sunday, February 24 at 7:00pm CST.
Now, the winners of last week’s giveaways!!  First, I want to say a big thank you for partnering with me on these giveaways to Laura with Nerdy Pumpkin, Melissa with Sugar Plum Consignments, Nathalie with Apple of My Eye Jewelry and Vanessa with Ruffles with Love.  And thanks everyone for entering!  If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry, I’m having two giveaways today and one this Wednesday!  Who am I kidding – I usally have a giveaway every Monday and Wednesday.
First up, the winner of the Nerdy Pumpkin Cosmetic Bag is…..
Vickie Smith.  If you know me, you know this is my mom, so I’m really excited she finally won a giveaway.  I think she was probably my first reader.  = )  Congratulations and please email me for details.



The winner of the $10 Sugar Plum Consignments Gift Card is…
Colleen from Parties & Cardis.   Congratulations and please email me for details!!


The winner of the Apple of My Eye Pave Heart Bracelet is…
Caroline Smithwick. Congratulations and please email me for details!


The winner of the Ruffles with Love Tank Top is…
Rachel.  Congratulations and please email me for details!
The winner of the $200 Tiffany & Co. Giftcard is Entry #19625 Tina K.  Congratulations!!

For all the bloggers out there, I’m so excited to join these amazing ladies in this HUGE Giveaway!

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31 thoughts on “Skincare + Giveaways + Winners!!”

  1. I'm a follower and I want to enter in the giveaway! I have two problems. Dark circles under my eyes and my skin tends to be extremely dry especially in certain place like around my nose. And it's not just cause the weather.

  2. The the blog advertising giveaway is amazing. What a great way to help someone grow their name without shelling out any mullah! I would say my biggest skin care concern would be wrinkles in general. I've really noticed a difference in my face over the past couple years and with my 30th birthday came even more worry about my aging skin.

  3. I'm entering for the eye cream. I don't have one that I love and my dark eye circles are one of my biggest concerns. I think the more I sleep the bigger the bags get. It's crazy!

  4. Thank you for offering such a generous giveaway. My current concerns are dry winter skin and breakouts. How is it even possible to have dry skin and breakouts? Ugh!

    Cindy Aiton

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