April 19, 2013

Autism 5K + Ruffles with Love Boston Tank Top Giveaway!!

Ruffles with Love Tank Top. $24. // Brady Bands Headband. $6.

Happy Friday!  This week seemed to fly by, thank goodness.  I’ve got a 5K tomorrow, and I hear it’s hilly.  I have only ran once since the half marathon a few weeks ago, and that was at the Autism 5K last Friday.  It was Shane’s 30th birthday, and the night before he got a wild hair and decided we should run a 5K the night of his birthday.  I think it was a midlife crisis, but that’s another story.  The weather was pretty nice, and there weren’t too many hills until the end.  Why do races always have to end with a hill?  I would love to talk to the race coordinators who plan out these routes.  I guess they figure if we’re going to pay to run, we want to get our money’s worth?  Wrong.  = )
Shane hasn’t ran in a couple of months, but he finished in 24 minutes, a few minutes slower than his PR too.  So basically he hasn’t ran in a while and still kicked my butt…men.  ; )  I finished in 29 minutes.  I did get 6th in my age group, which I didn’t think was too bad.  My time was over 3 minutes slower than my PR, but obviously I have been slacking this year, so it was no surprise that I wouldn’t set a PR for this race.  As soon as I finished my left knee started hurting so bad that I could barely walk back to the vehicle.  It hurt all night long when I walked, but when I woke up the next morning the pain was gone.  I’m hoping it doesn’t return this Saturday, and I’ve been taking it easy.  I think my body was getting used to doing longer runs at a slower pace, so starting this week I am going to be working on my pace and getting my body and legs used to running faster.  I like to sprint one mile, then run it a little slower, and alternate back and forth.  I will start that up next Monday, so I’ll let yall know next week how that is going.  Keep reading to enter today’s giveaway, and don’t forget to enter the other two giveaways from this week here and here.
Speaking of running, have yall checked out Amy at Write this Down? She was one of the first blogs I started following last December when I started blogging. She blogs about a little bit of everything and loves traveling, cooking and running. Check out her blog and join her on his fitness journey. She links up each week with Weigh in Wednesday, and I love reading her posts to help keep myself motivated to run and see some yummy looking food. You can check Amy out here; go by and say hello if you get a chance. = )
If yall follow me on Instagram, you found out yesterday what today’s giveaway item would be.  After the Boston incident, I felt pretty devestated.  It affected me more than I thought it would, and I just wanted to find a way to show my support.  That is when I emailed my friend Vanessa from Ruffles with Love so I could custom design a tank top.  I told her I wanted a tank top with a neon yellow bow on the front, and I wanted it to say I Run for Boston.  I debated between a few different sayings, but this one seemed to really be how I felt.  I wanted to use the colors blue and yellow because they are the colors of the Boston Marathon, but I wanted the make the colors a little more fun, so I asked for a tuquoise blue tank top with neon yellow writing.  Nothing says fun like neon.  It only took 2 days, and Vanessa had the tank top made.  They are for sale right now in her shop, but get one quickly as they are selling like hotcakes!  Currently Vanessa is looking for a legit organization to donate some of the proceeds to.  They are $20, and I have one of her other ones and can tell you they fit great and run true to size.  Vanessa has so generously agreed to give one lucky reader their very own I Run for Boston tank top!  The giveaway will end next Friday, April 26 at 7:00pm CST.  To enter all you need to do is:
1.)  Make sure you’re following me on GFC and BlogLovin.
2.)  Leave me a comment telling me you’re entering.
For additional entries (not mandatory!):
3.)  Follow me on Facebook.
4.)  Pin the image of the tank top to Pinterest.

106 thoughts on “Autism 5K + Ruffles with Love Boston Tank Top Giveaway!!”

  1. Love this, what a great idea Laura! I'm from CT and this Boston stuff has hit very close to home..my sister is in Boston and was a first responder at the hospital for many of the injured. I run for Boston. I pray for Boston. I need this shirt!

  2. Laura,

    What a wonderful thing for you to do! This week needs to be over. Boston was horrible, but this tank showing support is great.

    Good luck on the run tomorrow!

    Entering the giveaway. Follow you on GFC, Bloglovin and FB.

  3. What a fabulous shirt design! I love the ribbon flare on something with such meaning to us. I am running a race on 5/10 and would love to wear this! I follow you on GFC, Bloglovin, FB and pinned! Thank you!

  4. The tank is awesome!! I'm entering, but I'm ordering it anyway because I love it. If I win, I'll just have 2 to rotate through on my runs or I'll give one to my BFF. I follow you on GFC & Bloglovin, I just liked your Facebook page, and I pinned the shirt on Pinterest. Good luck to me =)

  5. I want one of these sooooooooooooooo bad!!
    Hope I win!!
    But if I don't, then I'm hoping she still has some so I can possibly order one when I get paid this Friday!

  6. I follow you everywhere. Love the tank. And 29 minutes is an awesome time plus finishing 6th in your age group is great, especially because you are only 29 right? So you are at the top of your age group means you beat some younger things, Woohoo!

  7. I love that you teamed up with RWL and created this! I'm entering the giveaway – I also liked your fb page (I didn't know you had this!) and pinned the photo! Btw – how did you get the pinterest icon to appear over the photo when you hover over it? That was so convenient!

  8. Just followed you on Facebook and on Google. I was at Go Lucy Go too, hanging with Meredith when you showed up, so sorry I didn't introduce myself! Hope to meet you again soon, gotta support fellow bloggers!

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