April 9, 2013

My First Half Marathon + Last Day to Vote!

Hola chicas!  It’s Tuesday, April 9 and that means that Shane’s 30th birthday party is in 4 days.  How did mid-April sneak up on me so quickly?!  I just realized yesterday I haven’t even gotten him a gift.  Any ideas?  I can’t think of a single thing for some reason.  Anywho, that also means it’s the last day to vote for me to become Wallis’ first US Ambassador!  Please and thank you!  As promised, I’ll give yall my half marathon recap today though you’ve probably seen all the zillions of Instagram photos.  Also, don’t forget to enter to win an Evie J. Leopard Infinity Scarf here!
On Saturday night, we planned to leave our hotel at 5:00am so we could meet up with Mel and Holly at the commuter lot at 5:45, so we knew we should have an early night.  I was pretty nervous and excited, but I think I finally fell asleep around 11:00.  Not ideal, but it would do.  Who plans races so early in the morning anyways?  We got up the next morning, threw on our clothes and headed out.  I think Meredit, Lora and I were all a little nervous that morning.  Well, maybe not Meredith.  She already had 5 half marathons under her belt!  Once we met them and parked near where the race started, I believe it was in the 60’s.  It felt great, and I was definitely glad that I had decided on shorts and a tank top to wear.  We headed towards our corral, and I think we got there around 6:40 or so, and the race was starting at 7:00.   My nerves were definitely kicking in.  I don’t usually eat before I run and I wasn’t hungry, but I did eat half a banana just in case.  I also made sure to drink a whole bottled water when I got up that morning so I would be hydrated.  I had my iTunes, had already went to the port-a-potty that smelled like fresh sewage and had my chapstick in my pocket.  I was ready to go.  The race started in no time, and it was about 4 or 5 minutes that passed by before we were even able to start running because the crowd was so thick.
Mile 1 – Everything felt great, except I immediately think I have to use the restroom.  Breathing, hydration and legs are great.  I am still pumped and this mile just flies by!
Mile 2 – I think I might still have to pee.  Hey, there is a port-a-o-potty.  Is that the line?  Nevermind, I’ll just wait until the next mile.  I can’t believe I’m already at mile 2.  I feel great, but I definitely set too slow of a pace at 9:00.  Holy crap, those people are doubling back and are at 5 miles already?!  They must be Kenyans.
Mile 3 – I thought Holy Hill wasn’t supposed to be until mile 6 and what is that stank smell?  Can’t believe I’ve already done a 5K.  Probably my slowest, but hey, I’m not even sweating.
Mile 4 – I don’t think I have to pee anymore.  Approximately 30% done.  I can do this a couple more times.  My hair is falling down.  Running wasn’t made for people with long hair.
Mile 5 – Why is my right shoulder hurting?  I think I’ll call and wake Shane up and I did.  If I’m able to carry on a conversation, I should probably run faster.  Nah.  I’m now at a 10:00 pace and there is the pacer.  I’m not making any promises, I’m just going to do what feels good.
Mile 6 – Look at those relay people.  Yeah, pass me now, you look so refreshed.  Did you enjoy your 6 mile break relayers?  Holy crap, is that Holy Hill?  I’m just gonig to run in the middle of the road on the yellow line to pass the time.  Hey look there’s Hubby Jack and Ashley!
Mile 7 – Yay, over halfway done and Holy Hill doesn’t even go up the entire time.  We’re going downhill now, not too bad.
Mile 8 – Done with Holy Hill.  Mile 3 was definitely much worse.  Why is my chest and my buttcheeks numb?  I think my shoulder stopped hurting.
       Mile 9 – Almost 3/4 done.  Okay, we’re doubling back.  I should be able to see Mel, Holly, Lora and Meredith.  Keep going, keep going, that’s what she said.
Mile 10 – Almost just a 5K left, woohoo!  Okay, I still haven’t seen the other girls.  Holy crap, they must be really far in front of me.  Is that a blister?
Mile 11 – Okay, they gave us water at every mile, but I swear it’s been two miles now since we’ve had some and when did it all of a sudden turn into summer?  I wouldn’t mind it actually being a little cooler today.  I wonder if I’ll get a tan.  I need it so I can wear more pastels and not blend in.  Yes, water!  Downing it, oh crap, that is beer.  Is this a cruel joke?
Mile 12 – I need some water to wash this beer down with.  Uggh, now I’m burping, gross.  My legs are getting a little tight now.  Only a mile left to go though.  Are we almost done?  Is that another hill, what the heck?
Mile 13 – And another hill?  They should have more half marathons in Memphis…where it’s flat.  Flat is underrated, seriously.  Why is this last stretch going so slow?  Where are the other girls?  Hey, there is the finish line, time to sprint, woohoo!
I finished right around 2:30.  Not as fast as I wanted, but I can honestly say that this is the best I’ve ever felt during and after a race as far as not getting overexhausted, out of breath, dehydrated or sore.  I did feel like I might fall asleep afterwards when we were at Hooters though.  Two days later and my legs are just a little sore, but not bad at all.  They’re actually a lot less sore than my 10K back in February and my 8 and 10 mile runs last week.  Thank goodness!!  But…that means I definitely could have pushed myself a little harder to run a little faster.  Overall, I think the idea of it was much, much worse than the actual run.  I ran the whole way, and I finished with a pace of around 11:27.  Considering it was my first half marathon and I didn’t really train, I’m pretty happy.  Now, I’m ready to practice on my shorter runs and get my pace back down to around 8:00 for my 5K’s this spring and summer.  I would definitely recommend doing one though.  It’s exciting and you’ll stay pumped, so it goes by faster than you think.  Who knows, I’m sure you could convince me to do another one.  = )
Me and Meredith pre-race.


Mine and Meredith’s tatts.  Are those shoulder wrinkles?


Yep, there was a 2 mile hill called Holy Hill, but let’s be honest, the entire run was a freakin’ hill!  = )
The view of the arch from Hooters.
Buffalo Shrimp.  My fave!


Meredith, Holly, Lora, Mel, Laura (who doesn’t have a blog), me and Ashley.


The Arch!


Another pic of the infamous upside down tatt I realized last night I had forgotten to take off all day at work.  Oops.



Salad I made for Shane and me for dinner Monday night with onions, mixed olives and artichoke hearts.  Olive oil dressing and salt and pepper.
Shane pulled out the grill for the first time this year to grill us some porkchops for dinner last night, yum!


With the gorgeous spring weather yesterday, I just had to walk the dogs across the street to the river and take some pictures.  = )
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36 thoughts on “My First Half Marathon + Last Day to Vote!”

  1. I am so proud of you girl!! you have no idea how much this post want to make me get on my running shoes and go for a run! to bad we are in the middle of a snow storm!! uhh!! That food looks so yummy!!

  2. Reading your play by play made me feel like I could pull of a half marathon. You made is sound easy. I don't know if I would be able to hold my pee…thanks a lot baby!

    I have to get my knee to stop killing me and then I am shooting for a 10K and then a half. My play by play now would be like: mile 1- no prob, mile 2- a little knee pain, mile 3- is this thing over yet…my knee is killing me! no way could I make it to 13.1. Way to go though!

  3. Good job on finishing your first half! That is a goal of mine in the near future. This weekend I'm running 10 miles and if I can do that then I'll feel comfortable running a half.

    That porkchop looks delicious!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, I love your recap by mile. I definitely laughed at the beer. Why was there beer right there? haha, I would have gotten sick! Congrats on the race again!

  5. Way to go!! That is a great time for your first half, and considering that you aren't even sore after – you did fantastic! You definitely have faster in you… especially after how fast you ran that 10 miles the other day – Sub-2 for sure 😉 Pretty pic of the bridge.

  6. Way to Go girl, loved your commentary!!! Oh and gift ideas? I loving taking peoples ages.. like 28 and then find 28 small gifts that remind me of them… wrapping them individually. You could even make it a scavenger hunt!

  7. OMG, I died laughing at your recap "They must be Kenyans" HAHAHAHA! And who gave you beer at mile 11? That's not cool.

    But seriously, congrats on finishing your first half marathon!! Now you can set a goal to run your next one 😉


  8. Congrats on finishing your first 1/2! Isn't it the most amazing experience?!
    Your mile play-by-play was hilarious!
    And I totally agree with the hair business. I can never seem to find a hair tie or style to keep my hair in a pony tail. By the time I'm done running my hair is one big hot mess.

  9. Congrats!!! I have ran 2 half marathons at about the same pace, but just last weekend ran a 10 mile in DC at a 9:22 pace and realized that I can run much faster than I think, my brain just puts a block on me because I don't want to get tired out too soon. So I might run another half to see if I can finish in under 2 hours! They're addicting though! I'm sure you'll be on your second in no time!


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