June 15, 2013

New Haircut + June Wish List

It is halfway through June, and I’m just now getting my June Wish List up.  Where has this year gone?!  Summer will be here in no time.  I feel like we completely skipped spring.  And my 30th birthday will be here in 2 weeks, oh my goodness!  I got sick Thursday night/Friday morning, so I was off work yesterday.  I finally started felling better than afternoon, and what do you do when you’ve been lying around in a bed all day and night and feel grungy?  The answer is you go get your hair cut…twice.  I knew I needed a trim badly, but somewhere between deciding that and walking into the salon, I chaned my mind and decided I needed a cut.  Yes, I never use that word because I don’t get cuts.  I got 7 inches cut off the first time, then I went back later last night for another 3 inches.  Apparently my version of long hair is skewed, and I realized after 7 inches that it was still really long, and I wanted to actually have a shorter ‘do.  I ended up getting 10 inches cut off total, and this is the shortest it’s been in 12 years – senior year of high school people!  Where did the time go?  I guess I’m having a crisis as I’m barely hanging onto 29.  = )  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a collage of my hair progress yesterday, but here is a little sneak peek of what my hair looks like now.  You’ll see more on Monday.

As for my June Wish List, I am craving sone fun and classic summer pieces – denim (boyfriend and cutoffs), neon, florals, statement jewelry, polka dots and structured bags, whether they be crossbody, satchel or handbag.  Speaking of floral, don’t forget to linkup your new floral outfit this Monday at midnight CST.  What are you craving right now?

July Wish List


29 thoughts on “New Haircut + June Wish List”

  1. Your hair looks fantastic. I always envy people with super long hair who cut to this length because it always looks SO healthy! I can't seem to see the link for those denim cutoffs… where are they from?

  2. I'm totally loving the hair!! And the Loft boyfriend jeans are on my wish list…but I'm going to have to hunt online because they aren't in the store anymore 🙁 I'm not sure what else is on my June list….


  3. Wow! Your hair still looks super long to me!! It must have been crazy long! So jealous, said from someone with fine hair that looks stringy when long! Oh well!! Your hair is beautiful!! Sorry you were feeling crappy, but I'm glad you're better!

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