December 30, 2013

Favorite Outfits of 2013

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With only 2 more days left of 2013, I thought it would be the perfect time to show you some of my outfits of 2013.  These were your favorite outfits of 2013 based on page views.  It seems I have a thing for skirts, neon, stripes and prints.  I appreciate all of you reading each day, your sweet comments on here and on Instagram.  When I starting blogging a year ago, I never expected anything like this.  I knew NOTHING about blogging, and honestly I still have so much to learn.  It has been quite a journey, but I couldn’t have done it without all of you.  I appreciate it so much!  Please feel free to let me know if there is anything different you would like to see in 2014.  Is there something you would like to see more or less of?  I am always open to ideas and appreciate your feedback.  You can leave me a comment or always email me personally at  And also I would love to hear which outfit is your favorite – one of the ones above or another one from this year that you have see?.  Thanks so much for reading!  = )

12 thoughts on “Favorite Outfits of 2013”

  1. I am loving the leather pants with hot pink blouse, but I think my favorite look of yours from the year was from April 17th because I am obsessed with that blouse. If you ever get rid of it (or your striped blue popover from JCrew) let me know!

    Also, I really need to get in the shower & head to my shopping date, but I just spent at least 20 minutes deciding which outfit was my all time favorite of the year. Because I just love you that much 🙂

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