December 8, 2013


Blue My Mind


I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Sadly the St. Jude Marathon was cancelled this weekend because of the low tempertures and ice.  I know everyone was pumped and ready to run, but the focus was and still is on the kids at St. Jude.  This was for them.  I hope that most people will use their registration fees as a donation, and it will give all of us runners even more enjoyment come 2014 when we are able to run for such a great cause.  I did get to go to brunch with Holly, Mel and Laura at Paulette’s.  On the plus side, we had a great time catching up, and we will be ready to run it next year!  I think it will make it even more rewarding.
Along with the temperatures dropping this week, I have been more and more excited about piling on the layers to create a comfortable, but still pulled together and stylish look.  I wanted to style a layered look, but I also wanted to do it with pieces I already owned.  All of these pieces are pretty versatile, and you will actually see me dressing up a couple of them this week.  With my new found love of layers comes a new found love of vests.  This one is definitely on the top of my wishlist!  Have you ran a marathon?  Do you like layering this time of year?  Any vests you recommend?

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